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Turn-On: Boudoir Beautiful

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You gotta love fall fashion, but not for the reason you might think. With a whole palette of autumny-dark neutrals out there, fall is the perfect time to channel your best bedroom look — and get extremely noticed while doing it.

The concept behind the bedroom look is simple sex appeal; after all, tousled hair and touchable fabrics an eager companion do make. But since we can’t all strut the streets in nighties and negligees, the trick is to capture boudoir-inspired beauty.

First, get yourself a silky-soft white shirt that translates sexy nighty into everyday attire:


[$58, Urban Outfitters]

A shirt like this has two key features: creamy texture and soft lines that guarantee you’ll be completely irresistible.

Next, master the art of bedhead:



[$12, Sleek Hair]

I’ve got the straightest hair there is, and Paul Mitchell spray wax still manages to give it some texture: simply brush, tousle, and spray for sexy bedhead perfection.

Sure, the bedroom look might be sort of a tease — but it’s a tease that will definitely get you noticed.