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Turn-On: Cuddly Couture

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A few nights ago I had a movie date with an advance copy of Coco Before Chanel, which basically amounted to three of my most favorite things: lots of wine, cuddling with my man in the dark, and admiring the ever-lovely Audrey Tautou onscreen. And if you thought Audrey was hot before, wait ’til you see her in a full-on suit and tie sticking it to the old guard of Parisian fashion. Grrr indeed.

The movie itself was a perfect date movie, too — dramatic but not over-the-top, visually stunning, and all-around kick-ass in terms of storyline. It follows Gabrielle Chanel from orphanage to brothel to French high society, all framed with the playful aesthetics that Chanel has come to be known for. In other words, your lady will absolutely love it, and you both might even learn a thing or two.

[Coco Before Chanel]

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