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Turn-On: Guys and Girls with Cool Bikes

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Call me a sucker for all things hip, but seeing people riding their bikes gets my gears shifting. One thing you’re likely to notice is that all these hotties don’t have their gears shifting; they are riding single-speed bikes.

You can’t just roll up to this elite group of bikers with your Huffy. You need a new bike, one that is going to direct everyone’s attention your way.

Available in January 2010 are Cooper’s bikes.


[£549, Cooper Bikes]

Entering the fixed gear game, Cooper — famous for their Mini Cooper — uses the finest materials to make their bikes: Brooks saddle, Sturmey Archer cranks, Reynolds tubing, and Tektro brakes.


[£850, Cooper Bikes]

Edgy and elegant, these bikes are sure to draw favorable looks your way and allow entry into this band of hot hipsters.

[Cooper Bikes]