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Turn-On: How to Butter Me Up

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The hottest room in the house?

The kitchen. And not just because the oven’s on and we don’t have central air (though that certainly does make things oppressive).

You see, I love cooking, but I love being cooked for even more. Especially if your talents go beyond the boiling of water. Because if you’re adept at filleting, pureeing, or whisking things into a frenzy, who knows what else those hands are capable of? And while you’re keeping things at a low simmer, just the fact that you’re kitchen-savvy is making me boiling hot.

Nielsen BookScan recently reported that sales of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking are up since Julie & Julia came out. Perhaps it’s time you brought out the big guns and gave it a whirl on your next stay-in date.


[$22, Amazon]

Gawker mentions that the recipes therein have not exactly stood the test of time since we’ve become more fat-conscious — especially due to Child’s love of butter — but I love butter, too. So feel free to cook something up for me.