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Turn-On: Lessons from the Bavarian Farm Girls Calendar

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The Bavarian Ministry of Agriculture just came out with 2010’s Farm Girls Calendar, and these women will have you packing up for cow country in a heartbeat. But what can urban girls learn from our sexy rural counterparts?

First things first, a few more calendar excerpts:




The verdict is in, and here’s all you need to rope in a country-boy-at-heart of your very own:

• Braids and ponytails — evokes youth and innocence on an oh-so-naughty level.
• Bustiers — I always wanted to rock one of these, and now I’ve got wholesome justification.
• Minimal makeup — these fresh-faced beauties are a perfect example of how less is more.
• Lace-ups — it’s inevitable, a lace-up wardrobe detail will put unlacing at the top of anyone’s mind.

Incidentally, no word yet on where you can purchase one of these calendars; apparently, they’re the Bavarian government’s method of enticing young men into the agricultural industry. I’d say the marketing department is pretty damned savvy.

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