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Turn-On: Love on Wheels

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If only bicycle love were so simple. It’s the worst of the ironic: I love my bike almost as much as I love riding it, but being bike-bound isn’t exactly the height of fashion. It’s either boldly don a skirt and boots and risk certain clumsy death, or try to dress up my ratty jeans enough to catch the eye of fellow bike-lovers. What’s a two-wheeling girl to do?

The answer: Osloh Spoke pants.

Two words: hot and functional. They fit my safety criteria (water repellant fabric, pockets galore, leg snaps) while fulfilling my fashion needs (low rise denim, available in a variety of colors) and including a few perks (butt cushioning!).

Handlebar diva-hood, here I come.

[$99, Osloh]

[via Cool Hunting]