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Turn-On: Make Beautiful Music

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I’m instantly smitten with a guy who knows all about music. Musician or not, there’s just something irresistible about a music nerd. And if you’re just such a nerd on the lookout for the girl of your dreams to tune into, you should definitely invest in one of these ties.

Truly a tool of attraction for the musically inclined, these ties are made with 50% thread and 50% recycled cassette tape. More specifically, cassette tape from recordings of the CD Between Stations and sound effects from the NYC subway. Hot and thematic. And, as an added bonus, you can actually listen to this tie make beautiful music while you wear it… with a modified Walkman, that is.

In my opinion, any accessory that combines stylish sex appeal, retro sensibility, and conversation starter should be purchased. Stat. Really, get clicking:

[$90, Supermarket]

[via Cool Material]