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Turn-On: Manning Up

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The biggest thing a woman looks for in a man is a man. Not an overly sensitive boy, not a stubborn asshole, but a man.

Being a man means making tough decisions, being confident, manning up when you need to, and generally doing right.

The overgrown baby who is too tough to ever apologize, for one, is not a man.

These are lessons us guys should have learned from our fathers. If we happened to miss one or two of these crucial lessons though, we can always consult The Art of Manliness.

The Art of Manliness is a blog that covers, well, how to be a man. Everything from how to pick a barber and good sportsmanship to being decisive and apologizing for your mistakes is covered in this blog.

Everyone can learn a tip or two from these guys. Nothing is sexier than being a real man.

[The Art of Manliness]