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Turn-On: Smelling Fresh

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Smell is a very important thing. It doesn’t matter how attractive someone is — if they smell like a dump truck you’re probably not going to want to proceed further (just imagine what down there smells like if they already smell all over. . .eww). So naturally, men like girls that take showers and smell nice.

That being said, we don’t like overbearing scents. Y’know, the kind of perfume that causes everyone to cover their noses since the scent is just way too strong and gaudy. What we want is a fresh scent, something light and clean. Like Fresh fragrances.

Their fragrances are very light and fruity. You can smell it, and it smells very nice, but it doesn’t bog you down; it’s very understated.


[$65, Fresh]

My girlfriend uses these Fresh fragrances and I absolutely love them. In fact, they even put a little spring in my step . . . and I’m not even the one wearing it! She uses the Hesperides, which has citrus top notes; jasmine middle notes; and rhubarb, musk, and peach bottom notes. She also has Sugar Lychee, which bubbles with lychee, grapefruit, lotus flover, and amber. I kind of want to eat these scents and I have a hard time keeping my hands off of her when she sprays this stuff on.

Remember, ladies — we want you to smell nice, but not like the 50-year-old Avon lady. 

These are sold at Sephora, so check it out and see what’s right for you.