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Turn-On: Sweet-Smelling Hair

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[$16, Sephora]

There was a guy I crushed on hard-core back in high school, whose hair tumbled down to his chin, all curly and soft to the touch. I loved running my fingers through it.

But what really got me was that he seemed to derive just as much enjoyment out of running his fingers through mine.

And one day, as he leaned his head on my shoulder and said, “Your hair smells good,” my heart just about exploded.

Ever since then, ensuring that I have sweet-smelling hair has been a necessary part of my daily beauty regimen. And what could be sweeter than Philosophy’s creme brulee-scented shampoo?

I’m also drooling over their cinnamon buns scent, and would give my right arm to try the red velvet cake. (Is anyone else hungry?) Why not aim to smell good enough to eat?