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Turning Tricks

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Trying to attract the girl of your dreams? A few methods can work, but, depending on your personality, it might be easiest to just turn tricks. No, I don’t mean becoming a prostitute (though that may also help in its own ways). Strange Attractor Putty will help you mesmerize them with magic.

This putty is made up of millions of micromagnets. On its own it’s just regular putty, but when put near a magnetic object it comes to life! It doesn’t just become a regular old magnet–it repels, attracts, envelopes, and even sucks (click here to see this in action). 

A bit on the childish side? Maybe, but you and your date can have hours of fun playing around with this unique toy that can create a strange attraction of your own.

[$11, Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld]

[via Rare Bird Finds]