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V-Day for the Hesitant-Minded

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[$8, Urban Outfitters]

So it’s February, and we all know what that means: Valentine’s Day. Easily my least favorite "holiday" of the year. And it’s not that I hate love or hot dates or sex — it’s definitely not that — it’s just that I hate it when those things are expected of me on a certain day of the year. As a result, I’d call myself a little more than hesitant-minded about the whole V-Day phenomenon.

You might have your own reasons for being hesitant (new relationship, rocky relationship, single but completely crushing on someone), but it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t sort of celebrate… cheaply… in a charming, noncommittal way. Take, for example, that cute little DIY cupcake up there. It’s a ceramic knick-knack that comes in a package with everything you need to decorate it, and it’s the perfect announcement of "I totally like you, but I don’t totally dig V-Day."

Also check out these cute, printable Valentines:

[Free, Torta Gialla]

And handmade cards that go with a regift of your favorite book (my personal favorite on the cheap present):

[$1, Little Otsu]

Because even though V-Day can get creepy, it’s never an entirely bad idea to celebrate love.