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Virginia on feather earrings, ’60s style, and why men shouldn’t wear striped shirts

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What are you wearing? 
This blouse is vintage. I got it at Screaming Mimi's in the East Village. The skirt's from Built By Wendy, which is my favorite designer. The scarf is vintage, and so are the fisherman sweater I'm wearing and the trench coat. These suede booties are from Madewell. Then I've got a feather earring in one ear, and the other ear just has a stud. I work in an art gallery, so I try to do fun business casual. They let us wear a lot of funky things. 

How would you describe your style? 
I love vintage clothes, especially from the 1960s — miniskirts, tights, vintage blouses. I try to make my makeup look 1960s, too.

Some people feel they can't wear vintage without looking costume-y. 
Yeah, you have to mix it up with modern pieces, like a modern skirt or top. A lot of it is confidence, too. If you feel like you look good, you look good.

How does the look change when you go out? 
I might wear something more see-through or sparkly. I'm not huge on sequins, but I have sparkly tights. 

What's something sexy to wear on a date? 
Women should wear a plain dress with earrings and a nice necklace. Very simple, because you don't want your clothes to be the center of attention. You want to be the focus. For guys, definitely a button-up shirt, some nice jeans or pants, and no sneakers. Wear oxford shoes. 

What's the biggest fashion dealbreaker you see on guys? 
For me, it's shirts with vertical stripes. I don't like clothes that are too loose, either. I think guys are way more body-conscious than we think they are. A lot of them hide under baggy clothes. If they wore clothes that fit, they'd look so much better.

So how can a guy dress sexier? 
He should do his research online. There are lots of sites and magazines that have tips. But don't necessarily go shopping with women. It's probably too stressful. I know my boyfriend hates it.

So you don't shop with him? 
No. I'll shop for him, but not with him.