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Vixen with a Mission

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In the dating world, action happens when you least expect it. In other words, a mindless trip to the grocery store could turn into the hottest date you’ve had in months.

The Frisky recently posted about dressing up to run errands, and it’s an interesting idea: sure, I’ve got my beloved jeans that I wear to everything from the post office to the pet store, but they definitely aren’t the sexiest thing in my closet. That said, it’s easy to stay comfy and look sexy — you know, just in case that hottie from the produce section ends up behind you in line.

It’s all about the perfect accessory. Throw on your comfy errand outfit, but pair it up with something eye-catching. Like this heart-shaped bag that’ll snazzy things up and suggest you might be in the market for more than groceries:


[$34, Urban Outfitters]

Or a pair of boots that channel style in all the right ways while staying comfy as long as you’ve got errands to do:


[$79, Planet Shoes]

A little accessory goes a long, long way.