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Wake Up Dancing

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Whether a one-night stand or a long-time partner, what goes up must come down. Or rather, what goes to sleep must wake up, eventually. And that is the ultimate of bummers after a good night of lovin’.

Invariably, this is a truth we accept. So how do you make the morning after a little more tolerable? Wake up dancing!

With the right song, your morning wake-up can be a little more fun (and may get both of you awake enough for some morning sexy time). 

There are a few stipulations:

  1. It should be some what well known.
  2. The song should be on the peppier side. Nothing too soft, but also nothing too aggressive.
  3. The lyrics should somehow apply.
  4. Ideally, whatever song you hear will get hopping out of bed dancing.

With your computer or iPod alarm clock, I’d recommend the following songs:

These songs have provided me and my girlfriend with the right amount of pep to get our morning started in the best way possible.