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Walk in Crumb’s Shoes

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Nothing says "sexually suggestive" and "subversive" quite like the works of cartoonist Robert Crumb. His work is dirty, provocative, ridiculous, smart, and — above all — hilarious.

If you’re able to find someone that is also into Crumb then it’s probably a match made in heaven. Said person would especially appreciate these Vans emblazoned with Crumb’s artwork.

[$94, Wish]

Put on your copy of Fritz the Cat, plop your feet on the coffee table, wrap your arm around your date and enjoy.

If you aren’t familiar with Crumb, go to your local bookstore and bone up. Crumb’s literal adaptation of The Book of Genesis has also just been released. If your date is religious, I’d avoid having this out when he/she’s around.

[$15, Amazon]

[via Hypebeast]

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