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Wendy on oversized shirts and going pantless

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Do people ever tell you that you look like any celebrity?
Someone just told me this week that I look like Brittany Murphy, which I thought was kind of funny. I never believe I look like anyone honestly.

What makes you feel sexy?
Definitely a good hair day. I can't really predict when it's going to happen as the curls talk for themselves.

What's one trend that you're really digging right now?
I really like when girls wear oversized shirts that come up short. That's always going to be what I love I think.

Is there something that you totally hate?
It looks horrible. I know this is cliche, but I have to go with Uggs. I still see girls wearing them and I just think it's the laziest thing you could ever wear.

I'm actually wearing a pair of man-Uggs as we speak. How does that make you feel?
Man-Uggs? They're just as bad. Get some shoes on.

Let's say you're looking to get laid. What are you wearing?
What do I wear? I wear an oversized man's t-shirt with some weird logo on it that I've cut into a dress. And no pants – just stockings. Every time I wear stockings I get hit on. Believe it or not, when girls that wear jeans all the time switch it up with stockings they definitely get noticed. Go for the no pant sometimes.

So you've successfully worn no pants and have now been laid. You wake up and see something in his apartment that creeps you out majorly. What is it?
Maybe a big swastika flag? Or a big confederate flag or anarchy symbol. It's not that I have to be politically aligned with the person I'm sleeping with, but I think you can only be ironic for so long with the things you hang on your wall. For instance, my roommate was hanging up all these Chinese communist propaganda posters and I just could see how someone with an actual Chinese background might get offended by them. I asked if we could take them down for a little while and think about it. On my walls I try to keep it personal, maybe some art by me and my friends. If I'm decorating with irony in mind, I try to keep it local – frat party flyers are a good start.

As a photographer, what makes a picture sexy to you? You know, besides just having hot peeps in it.
Probably a photograph where you can actually tell what a person is thinking. If you take someones portrait and get at least some sense of what they're thinking about, normally it turns out pretty sexy I'd say.

What's a style deal-breaker for you?
Ugh, there are so many things. You can tell a lot about a man from his shoes. When guys wear those chubby skateboarding shoes, I'm done. When I see those, I can tell his mom has been dressing him until maybe a year ago.