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What I Want Between My Legs

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One of the sexiest sights I’ve ever seen?

A guy in a suit riding a Vespa through Midtown Manhattan.

It made me want to hike up my skirt, clamp my thighs around his, clasp my hands around his chest, and allow myself to be taken for one wild ride.

It’s why I dated this guy with an obvious alcohol/bar brawl problem about eight years ago. He may have been nothing but trouble, but I loved hopping onto the back of his Harley for a ride to the local Dairy Queen.

Nowadays, you can find bad boy style with good boy intentions, all wrapped up in one motorcycle. The Zero DS is quick on the street, but also built for a bit of off-roading, and the fact that it’s electric makes it a lot cleaner than most other vehicles.

I’d like to have that between my legs.

[$9,950, Zero Motorcycles]

[Via The Awesomer]