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Who Wears Short Shorts?

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When leggings-loving Lindsay Lohan wears short-shorts, it simply looks as if she forgot to put on pants that morning. (And, uh, what’s with the boots?) When Jennifer Aniston wears short-shorts, I’d imagine that everyone stops and stares.

Men love it when we show off our long, lean, and muscular legs. (They like to imagine those legs wrapped around them later on.) So how can we wear them right?


[$14.80, Forever 21]

1. The most important thing to remember is balance. Just as you wouldn’t wear a mini skirt with a midriff-bearing halter top (please tell me you wouldn’t wear a mini skirt with a midriff-bearing halter top), you shouldn’t be wearing overly tight or revealing shirts up top if the entire length of your legs is showing.

Think blousy, belly-covering tops, cute cap sleeves, and the like.


[$9.98, New York & Company]

2. While short-shorts with stiletto heels look way hot on the runway, they’re both impractical and pointless in real life. Especially when your legs are long, or you’re taller than the average gal, they’re just…too much.

So stick with flats, as in the photo above.

You should also avoid ankle straps, as they abruptly cut off the leg line.


[$17.97, Banana Republic]

3. And finally, stick with what fits. Even with my thunder thighs, I can pull off a blousy pair of linen shorts like the ones above. Hot pants aren’t always the most flattering choice (in fact, I think they’re probably never the most flattering choice).

And then strut down that street as if it’s your own, personal runway. If you’ve got it right — and even if you’ve got it wrong, though we’d like to avoid that — heads will turn.