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Yana and Her Old-School Vibe

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I bumped into Yana at the Brooklyn Flea Market last weekend when we both stumbled across a $45 Oster brand massager at the Pony Circus Antiques booth. The massager—a heavy metal barrel with three coiled straps and a long black cord—looked like a vintage car part. The packaging billed the apparatus as a full-body massager; just strap the little machine to your hand, plug it in, and let your vibrating fingers do the work.

Yana picked up the Oster gadget just as Maurice, the Pony Circus proprietor, hinted at its intended use.  “It’s more than a back massager,” he said, insinuating that it was the sex toy du jour for women in the 1950s. “I’m picking up what you’re putting down,” replied Yana.

Yana, a 28-year-old publicist from Prospect Heights, said she would have sprung for the massager but she was full up at the moment. “A babe just dropped $200 at the sex toy store for me,” she said. Too bad. Modern sex toys may trump the Oster in terms of functionality, but nothing says “do me” like a relic from the era of sexual repression on your mantle. Luckily, you can get yourself a replica here.