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Yaniel on tattoos, getting drunk, and why he loves hipsters

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Yaniel for Nerve's style blog

So what's your deal?
My name's Yaniel, and I'm from the Bronx. I'm here in SoHo right now, working at Uniqlo.

Can you walk us through your outfit?
I got this flannel from American Eagle. It was in the women's section, but I liked it, so whatever. I got this tank top at American Apparel and I got these jeans at Uniqlo. The shoes I got at Urban, too. I got these glasses on eighth street. They broke, but I still like them.

What's up with your necklace?
I got this from my friend Shannon. Shannon, that's what it says. I guess I just like the way it falls.

And what's your tattoo say?
It says "Why blend in, when I was born to stand out?" I really like to get reactions out of people, negative or positive. I don't care. I just like people to stare at me. So, I guess I dress for attention. I like to show myself off. But this is my work outfit, so I have to cover up a bit with this flannel.

What would you be wearing if you were really seeking attention?
Probably cutoff shorts or chino shorts rolled up. And then I have this deep V-neck shirt from Urban Outfitters. I love it because the cut is so low. I'm also trying to get more tattoos.

What kind of trends are you into these days?
I'm really into the Boho-chic style. You know, cut-off anything, broken, dirty shoes. I like to take that look and put some Puerto Rican spice into it. I really like the way people dress on Bedford Avenue, you know. Williamsburg is great.

Are you saying you like hipsters?
Oh my god, I love hipsters. People are always hating on them, but whatever. Hipsters are the best.

Are there any trends you're hating right now?
I hate when guys wear really big pants. I also hate it when women wear shapeless dresses. I mean, wear a belt or something. Get some shape.

Anything else you're really into right now?
I like art and going to art shows. I like drawing. I like music and tattoos. I love drinking. I love that a lot, actually.