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Yifu on Jil Sander, English socks, and why men shouldn’t be afraid to wear color

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YiFu on Nerve's style blog tools of attraction

What are you wearing?    
Jil Sander and thrift shop stuff.   

I like your socks. They're very bright.   
They're an English brand, Happy Socks.  

Do you have a lot of happy socks?  
Yeah I have a lot of colorful socks. That's kind of my thing. I usually crop my pants to show them off. Most of the time, I wear them with Oxford shoes.    

How would you describe your style?   

What about people you date? Do you care about how they dress?  
Not exactly. I'm just looking for someone who is comfortable and happy.  

If you were going on a date with someone what is something you would not find attractive?  
Dirty shoes. Especially sneakers. Dirty boots are okay, but not sneakers.   

What do you think about when you're getting dressed?
I wear a lot of black but I try and add some color and details. It's all about the balance. I usually start with the darker stuff, then I focus on adding quality and some small stuff — something to make sure I'm colorful and happy. Sometimes I wear patterns, but most of the time I stick with solids. Sometimes I wear checked.  

Do a lot of women like the way you dress?  
I don't know. They tell me they like my socks.    

Is there a style you see on the street that you hate? 
A lot of men are afraid to wear color. I think they should just to try it. Maybe girls will like it.