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Your Tools of Attraction: Green Chefs Get All the Love

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My friend Bianca is an absolute wonder in the kitchen. Anything she makes is basically an orgasm on a plate, which is amazing in itself. Throw in the fact that she’s a complete locavore, and yep, you guessed it — once she’s had a date at her dinner table, he’s pretty much breaking down the door to her bedroom.

And while I’ve still got a lot of work to do in the way of cooking things that don’t taste like fire, she’s fully inspired me to try out the life of a locavore. I just signed up for a CSA that trades with local farms for maximum variety, and I’ve officially got 100 Mile Diet bookmarked on my laptop.

The funny thing about embarking on this food-centric journey is that it makes you think twice about everything that goes onto your plate. I’m only a few days in, but I’m pretty sure I’ve already become a better dinner companion (yes, I do have interesting things to say about cuisine, thank you very much!). That, and being more food-conscious inevitably helps in the quest for ultimate svelteness — always a perk when looking to track down new food buddies.

So check out your local CSA, and maybe even invest in a cookbook or two. We may not all be vixens of the kitchen like Bianca, but we can definitely take a lesson from her culinary (and otherwise) success.

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