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Your Tools of Attraction: Nerd-Chic Eyewear

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Meet Charlotte: She’s chic. She’s sassy. And she obviously knows how to rock high-fashion business casual in a way I never could. But what’s her ultimate tool of attraction?

“My one-of-a-kind, cats-eye tortoiseshell glasses from the dusty East Village store Fabulous Fanny’s attracts a certain type of hipster nerd who appreciates my buttoned-down sexy librarian vibe. Not to mention the odd preppy guy from Long Island who’s always fantasized about his teacher.”


Want your own pair? The offerings in their online catalog range from $50…


[$50, Fabulous Fanny’s]

…to $250:


[$250, Fabulous Fanny’s]

(um, wow.)

And don’t worry men. You can get your nerd-glasses too and, well, we’ll love ’em.

As always, e-mail me if you’d like to be interviewed on your tool of attraction next.