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Your Tools of Attraction: Stay Punk

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I adored punk rock throughout my teens and early twenties, but I can’t say that I’m a lifer; I still sport my Converse pretty often, but long gone are the ripped jeans, black jelly bracelets, and heavy eyeliner. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I still get soft at the knees when I see a guy who’s outfit has a throwback to his younger punk rock years.

My friend Drake is just such a guy. He’s gainfully employed, stylish, and good-looking, and he also still listens to The Clash and The Bad Brains on vinyl, still goes to rok shows, and still manages to find the hottest indie-rock girls I’ve ever seen. His secret? He’s managed to combine grown-up guy style with old-school punk standards.

Fashion-wise, that means expanding your arsenal to include some basic punk staples. Be it a worn leather jacket, a chunky belt, a new pair of Converse (extra points for breaking them in on a rainy day), or a bevvy of vintage band t-shirts, this’ll probably require a trip to your nearest thrift store. Check out ThriftShopper for local spots that carry what you’re looking for, and when in doubt remember The Ramones:

I love Drake because he’s a shining example of what we all know at heart: growing up doesn’t mean getting boring, especially where your love life is concerned.