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Your Tools of Attraction: The Zippo

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Andrew got his first real Zippo when he was 15, and it proved to be the perfect wingman. When hanging out in dive bars, he would look around, “notice an attractive girl pulling out a cigarette, grab my Zippo out of my pocket, reach over, and politely light her smoke. If she didn’t turn away immediately, I’d introduce myself and begin a conversation. Ice? Broken.” This is a classic tactic, and it worked so well for Andrew that…well…he’s no longer single. Zippo business is still booming, so you should grab one of your own (erm…especially if you’re a smoker):


[$24.95, $21.95, $29.95, Zippo]

If you’d like to be interviewed about your own tool of attraction, and are willing to share some pics, please e-mail me!