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Top 14 Olympian Hotties You Should Follow on Instagram Before the Games Start

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Top 14 Olympian Hotties You Should Follow on Instagram Before the Games Start

The winter Olympics are heating up!

By Leigh Lumford

There are plenty of reasons to watch the Olympics: the grandeur of figure skating, the excitement of downhill skiing, the WTF of curling. But what's the real reason most of us are tuning in? The hotness of the athletes, duh! And what better place to find them in all their off-duty glory than on Instagram. I narrowed down the 100s of Americans headed to Sochi to the 14 sexiest.

Credentials for the list are subjective of course, and I scrapped competitors with oodles of offspring photos, scads of significant other selfies, and a panoply of pet pics. That's why you won't see Bode Miller on this list, since his account is more about the cuteness of his baby and his love for his wife than the glories of his bod(e). Being under 18 kicked a bunch of people off too. (We may be loose, but we're not perverted.) Also, not being narcissistic enough was means for dismissal. If I can see ten different angels of your skis, but I can’t pick your face out of a crowd, you're doing this Instagram thing wrong.

The Ladies:

Madison Chock

Figure skating – Chockolate02

Her million-dollar smile lights up her profile. If she doesn’t have an endorsement deal already, I’m sure the offer is on its way.

Resi Stiegler

Downhill ski – resistiegler

Resi’s eclectic profile showcases her athleticism and an artistic flair. Hopefully we can look forward to more of her photography throughout the Olympics.

Aja Evans

Bobsled – ajalevans

Sochi’s bobsled team made it very difficult to choose—this team is chockfull of hotties! Aja’s onesie pajama photo made her a shoo-in though.

Hilary Knight 

Hockey – hilary_knight

She's a badass hockey player but her "girl next door" smile couldn't get any sweeter.

Julia Mancuso

Downhill skiing – juliamancuso

Julia’s profile has a nice balance between magazine covers, ski shots, and candid friend photos. Plus, she just looks fun.

Jamie Anderson

Snowboard – jamieandersonsnow

Fact: Snowboarders are cool. Jamie is cool. She’s got that hippie-chic look and it’ll make your heart melt.

Lolo Jones

Bobsled – lolojones

Not just a summer Olympian, Lolo is taking on the winter as well. 123,885 followers and growing, it’s no secret that Lolo is the Olympian to follow this season.

The Men:

Shaun White 

Snowboard – shaunwhite

Well hello there Red, when did you get so hot? The new hair is definitely a win. Shaun’s profile is humorous and packed with celebs, but he also reminds us why he’s the best.

Andy Newell  

Cross Country skiing – andynewellskier

The profile pic is reason enough to follow. Those abs are incredible and there are more if you keep scrolling.

Alex Shibutani

Figure skating – alexshibutani

This is the first time competing in the Olympics for the fresh-faced 22-year-old, so let’s keep his confidence pumped up! Don’t worry about competing with his skating partner either, that’s his sister in the photos.

Danny Davis 

Snowboard – travelindan

He may look like a Wild Thing with all that hair, but try not to swoon when he smiles. He posts lots of impressive aerial shots for your enjoyment too.

Eddy Alvarez 

Speed skating – eddyalvarez90

Here’s your Liam Payne from One Direction lookalike. The shots of Eddy in his speed skating suit leave little to the imagination. Thanks for the shirtless pictures too Eddy.

Bobby Brown 

Freestyle – bobby_brown1

Bobby is the reason I learned to ski. Well that’s not necessarily true, but that’s what I plan to tell him if I ever meet him.

Cory Butner

Bobsled – corybutner

I really appreciate whoever created the skintight uniform Cory is sporting on his profile. The muscle definition on this man makes the mind wonder to NSFW thoughts.