15 Horrifying Breakup Stories

Sometimes you have to end things. But don't do it like this.

By Nerve Readers

I was dating an older guy when I was a freshman in college. A bunch of my stuff ended up at his place, nothing major, but I’d let him borrow my VCR and a few other things. When I came back from Christmas vacation and went to his place, all of my stuff was packed up and neatly piled at the foot of his bed... where he was sleeping. Apparently, it was his way of telling me it was over. Even worse, my mom was waiting in the car at the time. — Robin


I’m the asshole in this story. I'd been living with my boyfriend in Taiwan for about a year, but had gotten into a bunch of grad schools in the U.S. As a token of love, I’d applied to uni in Taiwan — with no real desire to go. But somehow, I couldn’t tell my boyfriend that. Weirdly, because I loved him too much — and had I been going totally by my heart, I would have blown off Harvard to stay with him. I matriculated, bought a plane ticket, and still didn’t tell him. One day while he was at work, I packed my bags, with the intention of seeing him when he got home, then explaining, then leaving. Right when my cab rolled up, he texted to say he was stuck and would be a few hours late. So I just left. — Jenna


January 1, 2008 was probably an important date for a lot of people. I can imagine a lot of people making resolutions to quit smoking, stop eating fast food, or at least hold off drinking for maybe a week or so until the inevitable give-up. For me, that was the day my girlfriend made the resolution to change her life — by not having me in it. So January 1 became an important date for me too, because while I was at home on my Christmas vacation, my parents gave me a New Year’s resolution: “Stop crying so much.” — Ryan


I was cheating on my boyfriend of two years, Tim, with a guy named John. I really was planning on breaking up with Tim, but I hadn’t gotten there yet. One day, we were lying in bed when he made a joke. I squealed: "John!" That wasn't his name. I confessed I had cheated, and he broke up with me on the spot. A real two-minute whirlwind.  — Lina


After I decided to leave grad school and move to New York so that my girlfriend at the time and I could live together, she called and informed me that she wasn't ready to leave Cleveland and was breaking up with me. I convinced her not to. Two years and some serious maintenance later she ended the relationship, one I'd assumed would result in marriage, with a text message. I sincerely hope she has herpes. — Sean


My ex-boyfriend broke up with me thirteen days after I moved in with him, when we'd been dating for three years. It was right before Thanskgiving when he told me he’d already started dating his twenty-one-year-old co-worker. I moved out soon after, and took with me all of my stuff. I guess he'd been hoping to use it for Thanksgiving dinner  he was inviting his family over  because as I left, he shouted, "Thanks for ruining Thanksgiving!"  Three cheers for therapy. — Maggie



I got dumped by a girl via triangular folded note passed to me in the seventh grade. It was heartbreaking, though in retrospect, it sounds kind of quaint. — Ben


I was dumped over the phone in 2003 by a guy (a graphic designer, no less!) the summer between my junior and senior year. That it was by phone is not significant; what is significant is that it was during the fucking finale of Sex and the City. My roommate and I had befriended the only person with cable on our block, and we had gone over to watch it, only instead of getting my lady TV on, I was busy getting dumped on a stoop by some dude. Fuck that guy. — Anna


I'd been dating the same woman for almost three years, but it hadn't been working for almost nine months. I loved her, and I've never been good at pulling the trigger on stuff like this. As a result,  I spent a lot of time talking it over with a friend and coworker. After one such pondering session, smoking outside work, I went back to my desk, and feeling resolved, shot an email to him saying, "John, I decided. I'm going to break up with her this weekend." Only I didn't send it to him, I sent it to her — whether through an honest mixup or misdirected subconscious impulse, I'll never know. I do know she was pretty pissed. — Gil


I broke up with my boyfriend when it became apparent he was not only too dependent on me, but dependent on painkillers as well. One of the most memorable parts of entire breakup (which involved endless texts and calls on his part, to the point that I changed my number) was that his lawyer father tried to negotiate the terms of our separation. (We were in high school). He wanted me to stay in a relationship for another thirty days and "then see how I felt." Ridiculous. — Laura  


My boyfriend moved into a basement apartment a couple blocks from me and asked that I take care of his smelly-ass rabbit, "Jimmy Stewart," because his landlord did not allow pets. Mind you, Andrew never cleaned Jimmy's cage, fed him properly, or filled his water bottle on time, so the poor thing (until he moved in with me) was quite neglected. It would have been fine, except he was a narcissistic jerk, and I was getting sick of him. In a fit of final frustration, I drove to Andrew's office on Capitol Hill and delivered his rabbit to him at the Congressional office he was working in at the time. Affixed to Jimmy's cage were a few notes: It's over, I'm with stupid, and My owner is an asshole, don't date him. Of course, anyone reading those notes may have thought that I was in a sadistic relationship with a petite white rabbit, not Andrew, but still. — Alexis


My worst breakup was with my last boyfriend. Let’s call him Allan. We had been together for two and a half years and living together for one when our relationship ended. One night, during a particularly rough patch, I decided to go through Allan’s email to see if I could find an explanation for his recent weird behavior. Indeed I did. He wasn't just seeing someone else  he actually had another girlfriend. His ex, might I add. Perhaps, the title for "worst breakup" should go to Allan, though, because in one single night he got dumped twice. — Ashley


When I was in college, I'd dated someone for almost two years, but he'd never met my family. It had been so long that my family members were almost wondering if I'd made him up. Finally, our third Chirstmas together, he was to come home with me and meet everyone — until he confessed he’d been having a long and ongoing affair, the night before our plane left. We broke up, and I had to go home alone, heartbroken, and looking half like a crazy person who'd made up a boyfriend. — Wilson


Once a girl broke up with me to join the circus. Seriously. — Charlie

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Commentarium (161 Comments)

Apr 06 11 - 12:34am

In the spirit of things, something entertaining happened to me today:
My boyfriend and I split three months ago, but we have a class together and he sits right by me. Today he texted me during class (while he's sitting right beside me), "Hey, I'm probably going to have a girlfriend next week, so do you want to have sex today?"
I was so mad I had to leave class.

Apr 06 11 - 11:41am

what an asshole. :(

Oct 19 11 - 2:52pm

now the boy is insane... you are lucky you got rid of him

Feb 12 12 - 2:51am

one day soon you will find this hilarious. hahahahaha, what an asshole

Aug 22 12 - 11:21am

You should have texted back "Sorry. I'm already having sex with a group of guys, and girls later today. I don't think I can fit you in the schedule, and things are gonna be packed". Let him sit there confused, enraged, and possibly shocked.

Apr 06 11 - 12:34am

Dear Jenna,

You are beyond a jerk. You are an awful fucking human being. Holy fuck. That is some crazy right there.

Apr 06 11 - 2:51am

Seriously! Calling herself an "asshole" was more than understated. I feel really sorry for the guy she left... and whoever else she has and/or will date.

Apr 06 11 - 11:47am

I know... she claims to have loved him too much, but I just think she's a coward. Oh well. At least she left, and he wasn't stuck with a coward who didn't actually care about his feelings.

Apr 06 11 - 12:32pm

Chiming in, Jenna, seek help. Seriously. Your coldness is chilling. Being "an asshole" is when someone has PMS and yells over something stupid. What you did is going to indelibly scar the guy you claim you loved dearly.

Some of these are sad, some funny in their sadness, all a reminder of why pets are awesome and necessary to get us from here to death w/out swallowing everything in the medicine cabinet.

Apr 09 11 - 7:19am

I don't know - he will have gone through the whole I'm so distraught etc thing, why did she do it? then end up in a what a huge bitch stage and be glad he's rid of someone who would be such a dick.

But if they had done the whole 'breaking up because she was going away' thing, then he might have always ended up forever feeling like she was the one that got away, and be heart broken for a lot lot longer, and find a load of girls which can never measure up to the image he keeps in his mind.

In the long term, I think she did him a favour by breaking up in that way. But I accept, very grey ethically..

p.s. nieve to think you could or should attempt such a long distance relationship - the stats for couples who go to college breaking up are phenomenal at the best of times.

Apr 27 11 - 5:05pm

Tell, speaking from personal experience, I almost would rather have someone vanish on me than have a long, drawn out breakup (I mean months), with the other person repeatedly declaring their love, promising to always be in your life, telling you you're like family, only to essentially never speak to you again the minute they're out of the state. At least Jenna's poor guy didn't have to waste months of his life coming to the realization that she did not actually love him. Not that I'm bitter or anything!

Jan 26 12 - 5:52pm

That guy probably thought you had been kidnapped or murdered. Everyone deserves closure.

Jan 29 12 - 11:17pm

Alicia, I had the same thing happen only that he would talk to me only if I called him. Christmas Eve is when he dumped me. He had alot of things going on at work and putting in alot of hrs. The end of October is when I started noticing a change, I had asked him if everything was ok and he'd say ya, I'm just tired. By the time November came we saw each other maybe 3 times, his reason was he's busy and tired. Funny thing is before it never bothered him. I never harped on him to spend time with me, I gave him the space he wanted which he appreciated or so he said. Christmas Eve, he told me that he never did love me, that he shouldn't have asked me to move in with him and then started yelling at me saying some pretty nasty hurtful things. Then he left. He calls me a couple of days later and asks if I would be interested in a FWB relationship. NO WAY!!!! I said. That's when I told him that he needs to come and get his things out of my house by Friday and when he comes over would he please bring my reports with him. It's now the end of January, I still don't have the reports that I need but he has his things. I call once a week and each time he gives me some lame @$$ excuse as to why he is unable to give them to me. I have so many emotions that it isn't even funny, you would think by now given all the nasty, mean things that he said to me that I would have gotten over him by now. No matter what I do or don't do, it's so hard to get him out of my head, I might add that 3 years ago he went off on me via cellphone, 8 months later he makes up this story about how me missed me bla, bla, bla. My heart & mind said don't take him back even though he was practically begging me, my friends and family said oh give him another chance if he came back it's because he changed & he love's you. Needless to say I didn't listen to myself, big mistake!!! That's the last time I will ever listen to friends and family. I'm heartbroken, I love & miss him so much which I shouldn't. He's living his life and dating. Me I need to move on too. As the saying goes "Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me."

Apr 06 11 - 12:39am

The guy I had been dating broke up with me via e-mail on Christmas. I called him to say "Merry Christmas" first thing (before checking my e-mail) only to have his sister awkwardly tell me that I needed to go check my e-mail. Worst part: he dumped me on Christmas as a Christmas present to the girl he'd been cheating on me with.

Apr 06 11 - 2:54pm

Holy S***, talk about an ass! I really hope you do NOT talk to him anymore

Apr 06 11 - 9:31pm

I dated a guy who broke up with me by email the day AFTER Christmas. But first he sent me a text at 6 am that morning telling me to check my email. When I did...BOOM! Dumped.

Apr 09 11 - 7:22am

These are horrific! Anything at Christmas is shitty, but by email too? Fuck. Thats cold.

Apr 09 11 - 7:41pm

I was dumped by email a few years back. It was right before Christmas, too. His reason was that he played WoW and our relationship was cutting into his raiding schedule.

Jul 28 11 - 7:21pm
xmas eve

I was dumped by a guy on christmas eve, the worst part -- he spent 4 hours telling me how he could imagine us getting married and being together forever. Then he dropped the bomb, he had a girlfriend.

Feb 03 12 - 2:50am
me too

I was dumped a couple days before Christmas, too. The girl told me she'd been faking her feelings for me for the past month and that she still had feelings for her ex- WHO SHE LIVED WITH. We've in college and they'd already signed the lease to the dorm so they had no choice, but the fact that I have no idea how long she'd had feelings for her ex always gets to me. I'm pretty sure she was cheating on me with her ex while we were dating.

Apr 06 11 - 12:55am

I got dumped by someone over a video game once. Not in that we disagreed over a video game, but he logged in and messaged me on said game with the intention of breaking up.

Apr 06 11 - 8:34pm

I hope you kicked his ass in the next game.

Apr 06 11 - 12:58am

I got dumped on Valentine's Day when my girlfriend shaved her head and decided to date women. I was like "You had to do it on Valentine's Day?" Her response: "It's a made up holiday." Me: "I want you to know that that knowing it's a made up holiday makes seeing everyone walking around holding hands and giving each other flowers and stuffed animals SO MUCH EASIER!"

Apr 09 11 - 12:37am

Would you rather she had let you take her out for a nice (and perhaps expensive) date, and then dump you the next day? However bad anything is, it can be worse.

Aug 22 12 - 11:26am
Girl on Girl!

Dude. I wouldn't even be mad. You dated/had sex/whatever you did with her... With a girl who has relations with other girls now. Do you know how many guys have the fantasy of having sex even once with a Lesbian? *Salutes* Take the small hit, and walk away with the bigger victory. You banged a Lesbian... Or at least was interesting enough to be dated by one. That deserves a medal.

Apr 06 11 - 1:10am

I went to go visit someone half way across the world, having kept in touch for a year after we met. I asked him about visiting before I bought my tickets, and he was excited about it. He also insisted that he wanted me to stay at his place so I could save money. A week into the vacation I thought things were going swimmingly, and he told me he was smitten. The next day he told me that he wasn't sure about things and would feel more comfortable if I moved out and got my own place. A week after that he blew me off on Xmas, which we'd planned to spend together, and then told me he didn't want to be "tied down." I broke up with him, but he still tried to get sex once or twice. Then at my going away party he propositioned the 18 year-old girl I'd invited to the party /right in front of me/, and they left for the bedroom. Can we say "Winner"?

Jan 15 12 - 5:59pm

wow do we know the same guy? was this in chicago when it happened??

Jan 23 12 - 6:30pm

O wow! This is so similar to what just happened to me to. It's amazing that someone would ever do something like this.

Apr 06 11 - 2:52am
Mr. Man

Sadly, Mr. Man has many many years of stories of crazy broads like Jenna. Women who sleep with you (me), tell you (me) they love you dearly, make plans with you (me) for getaways and romanticy stuff, then completely disappear as if kidnapped or murdered. When this happens repeatedly for years you (me) begin to realize many many women are utterly insane. (But the sad truth is the loons fuck best. I wish it wasn't true.) I can pick 'em. Or maybe I attract them like Bukowski. Thank god for my guitar and the cats.

Apr 06 11 - 11:19am

Flip the genders and you've described my previous five dating years.

Apr 06 11 - 2:13pm
Mr. Man

hmmm. i guess we should date then and find out which one of us is sane.

Apr 06 11 - 2:26pm

the reason nutters fuck the best is because they have nothing else going for them and have to perfect the one thing that can even remotely get them near another human being.

Apr 06 11 - 3:06pm
Mr. Man

some of my nutters had self-esteem issues and are restless risk takers, and maybe a bit more dangerous. the danger is a thrill right up to a certain point, then you realize you are possibly risking your safety.

Apr 06 11 - 3:23pm

Oh, wait, except I should argue against that whole "crazies fuck the best" theory. Maybe that applies to women, I don't know. But nutso guys don't know what the hell they're doing (with few exceptions). Maybe it seems more exciting to the (ostensibly) non-nutter partner because of the extra adrenaline of knowing he's doing something that's probably pretty stupid.

Apr 06 11 - 2:54am

I thought the one about the boyfriend in high school getting his dad's lawyer friend to negotiate the terms of separation was actually kind of cute.

Apr 06 11 - 11:49am


Jan 25 12 - 10:38am

You guys are weird. That might have been the most disturbing moment in this entire feature.

Apr 06 11 - 8:54am

Some of these don't seem to fit the bill as "horrifying." Were there really no better stories?

Apr 06 11 - 12:34pm

agreed. some were ugly and likely painful, no doubt, but "horrifying" is too strong a word to describe most of these stories...

Apr 06 11 - 6:03pm

Simmer down, Ks - it's just a title, designed to entice you to read the article, like most titles are.

Apr 06 11 - 9:52am

My ex broke up with me after 6 years completely out of the blue. He walked out of our apartment, and then I had to see him every day for the next 3 weeks as we were in a play together (not playing love interests thank goodness). I held out hope, sure he'd come to his senses. He started dating a friend of mine 6 weeks later, but neither of them had the guts to tell me. All of our friends knew and were in the awkward position of keeping it from me. I found out because he posted a picture of them together on FB. Needless to say, I don't talk to either of them anymore.

Apr 07 11 - 12:30am

Ugh! That made my stomach hurt just reading it! What asshole friends to not tell you before you found out on fb too. :( Ugh ugh ughhhhh!!!

Oct 19 11 - 2:32pm

fuck off.. why are you publicizing this do you feel proud to break up.. in reality you all have pain in your heart

Jan 05 12 - 12:55pm

No, you fuck off. To most people, it feels good to vent over a forum like this to other people with similar experiences. It's just a way of trying to cope. Besides, its not like she's giving her name or the names of the people involved. Go troll on some other site.

Apr 06 11 - 11:20am

One of my fave shitty breakup stories was the man who told me: "You are just about everything I think I want in a woman, but... I really think I deserve an Asian girl."

I remember so vividly the use of "deserve."

Apr 06 11 - 1:06pm

I should have clarified, we're both Caucasian.

Apr 06 11 - 1:54pm


Apr 06 11 - 2:15pm
Mr. Man

wow. that's hilarious from a distance. i don't even know what that means, but there's is certainly some delusion involved.

Apr 06 11 - 4:07pm

Truth be told, it was even kind of hilarious to me at the time, because it was just the dumbest thing I'd ever heard... up to then.

Apr 07 11 - 7:31pm

yeah, I hope it doesn't offend you that that is hilarious. I'm sure it sucked at the time, but that is the kind of thing that you really just can't take to heart at all because its so incredibly absurd.

Apr 07 11 - 9:38pm

wait, I'm an Asian girl... is this a thing? what's this about? and why has nobody told me yet

Apr 08 11 - 2:41am

An Asian girl on the internet unaware of the Asian girl fetish? Really?

Consider yourself lucky

Apr 06 11 - 11:34am

Someone I dated for about four weeks broke up with my by blocking me on Facebook.

Apr 11 11 - 9:24pm
Miss Juice

Same here. I was dating a guy for about 6 months. He moved for a job, but we planned on trying the long distance thing for a little bit to see if it would work. A couple of weeks after he moved, after calling me almost every day to tell me how much he missed me, mind you, he unfriended me. The next day he was listed as "in a relationship" with another girl.

Apr 06 11 - 12:34pm

Heh, once a relationship finally ended when we were both in the hospital and were like, "Yeah, this has really got to end, no more mad make up sex, but we can't hold on anymore."

Oct 19 11 - 2:32pm

nice one

Apr 06 11 - 1:40pm

I had been dating this guy for about a year. I hadn't seen him in over a month due to him traveling for work. Of course, we slept together his first night back. About three weeks later I was admitted into the hospital with what my OB-GYN called "the most horrific case of herpes I have ever witnessed." Being that I had known this girl all my life, she was very comfortable in telling me that it was "the grossest thing I've ever seen," "straight up nasty", and "way worse than any of the textbooks." So I called my boyfriend to say I was in the hospital (but not why), and he quickly came and visited me. I had three very upset guys waiting there amongst the other visitors. He asked what was wrong, and in front of my mother and friends and family, I told him that I had herpes after being faithful to him for over a year and that 3 months ago I had a clean bill of health. Did he want to tell me anything? His face dropped, and he tried to bolt out the room. My brother, his friend, and my best friend proceeded to beat the ever-loving shit out of him. Security escorted him out of the hospital. When I was released a week later, there was a welcome home party and we had a bon fire on the levee and burned all his stuff.

Apr 06 11 - 3:36pm

You probably do have herpes (else why would you write this), but this story is total BS. Security would not be escorting the dude out of the hospital, they'd be calling 911 to have all your meatheads arrested. But fantasizing that you got your revenge this way was probably fun for a moment, eh?

Apr 07 11 - 6:01pm

yup - and besides, you can easily have had a silent infection with herpes all along.

Aug 16 12 - 11:12am

... no one gets admitted to the hospital for herpes.

Apr 06 11 - 1:59pm

A woman I was dating broke up with me when I was very drunk at a party at her friend's house in a city other than where we were living. She had asked me to be her bf only two weeks before. We were going to stay at her friend's house, but I went around the neighborhood asking strangers if I could stay at their house instead.

Aug 22 12 - 11:33am

This isn't a horrifying break up story...
The one in the wrong during this one is you for not having self control while fully knowing you are under the roof of someone Else's home. Honestly unless there's something you missed while typing your story... I feel bad for the girl who broke up with you. She brought you into her friends home, and you got wasted off your ass. You deserved to get dumped.

Apr 06 11 - 2:18pm

I met a guy for about an hour on Friday, only to have him call me Sunday and tell me "I wont be calling you - We are just on two different pages - Friday was a one time thing - I hope things won't be akward between us and I'll still see you around..."

Did I miss something????????????????????

Apr 06 11 - 4:56pm

Whoa. Talk about a preemptive breakup!

Apr 07 11 - 1:40pm

Like the extended answering machine sequence in "Swingers."

Oct 19 11 - 2:51pm

nice...... you didnt miss anything but he missed you

Feb 12 12 - 3:13am

i had a very similar thing happen to me. after one coffee, i was subjected to a meandering text about pots finding lids and shoes not fitting, blah blah. i was so annoyed, i started calling the guy consistently, telling him i loved him and would commit suicide if he didn't give me another chance. all the while he was on speaker phone with my friends listening and crying with laughter, stuffing their mouths with duvet not to be heard. it was so much, i wish another guy would premptively dump me so i can do it again!

Feb 12 12 - 3:14am

so much fun

Apr 06 11 - 2:45pm

I was dating a girl for 2 yrs, just over 1 of which was long distance as I lost my job and she couldn't/wouldn't move to where I was living. I visited her every month, she came to see me when convenient for her....a tell tale sign I should have paid attention too. I was searching like crazy for a job back in her city, I even flew out there twice just to have lunch/informational interviews to network with people in companies I may have been able to get a job in. I eventually found a job on the same coast but not the same city as her. She dumped me about 3 months before, no explanation. I found out that she started dating another guy 2 weeks later and moved in with him, which involved a relocation for her. He was some rich architect dude with a beautiful house by the ocean...I know this as I saw photos of them in Dwell...no kidding. They broke up one year later and she now wants to be friends. No freakin' way missy!

Apr 06 11 - 4:48pm

I'm sure it was an upsetting thing for you--I mean that!--but in her defense, more of your relationship was conducted long distance than in person and your situation was beyond fragile. I don't find it hard to believe that in such a position, it makes sense to end the relationship. She didn't appear to cheat on you and there is nothing actually wrong with dating a guy who has a job and a house. In fact, there is something to be said for a guy who has his shit together. I'm not saying you have to be friends if you didn't like her, but I'm not sure holding on to ire is warranted.

Apr 06 11 - 4:55pm

But it's the lack of communication that bites. Couldn't she have just told HM not to even bother? Especially since travel funds are scarce for the unemployed!

Apr 07 11 - 10:41am

Just to point out, I've got my shit together. I'm not, never have been, unemployed. What I do for a living does not provide me with lots of $$$$, at least not yet. I'm a very well educated guy, academics don't do things just for money, I love what I've spent 6 years of grad school training to become. So just wanted to clarify that I have my shit together, just that my shit doesn't get me the ability to buy a large house or the ability to drop everything. So Jess, there's no ire here, there was initially, but no more. Time heals all wounds. I was just putting my story out there. Shit happens, relationships that were meant to be are meant to be. As Keith Richards said "I'll just keep making mistakes until I get it right".

Apr 06 11 - 4:41pm

I was dumped over dinner, she compared herself to clarified butter and it's obvious superiority over regular butter wrapped in a foil packet (me). It was kind of like Kevin Spacey in The Usual Suspects- when he created the story from the bulletin board; I don't miss a fucking thing about her. I'm positive she is making someone miserable right now.

Apr 07 11 - 7:36pm

I think this one is the best. I actually laughed out loud.

Apr 08 11 - 11:45am

clarified butter....wow.

Oct 19 11 - 2:33pm

nice one dude

Apr 06 11 - 5:31pm

I got these beat. I found out my girlfriend of three and a half years, and the mother of my two year old daughter had been planning on having her sister come down with a u-haul to pick her, our daughter and her stuff up. I, being naive and stupid, was completely unaware anything was wrong in our relationship. So, for a week, I kissed her ass. I left love notes all over the house, took her out to dinner, took our daughter out with me so she could have time to herself, told her if she needed some time and space I'd gladly give it to her, etc...etc...etc... She told me she'd stay and work things out and if in a while she was still feeling unfulfilled then we'd talk things over and she'd go home for a bit. I, again, stupidly and naively believed her.

Then one day, I came home from work to an empty house and a "Dear John" letter on the computer desk. My ex, my daughter and all their things were gone. I found out a few days later, she had been talking to an ex-boyfriend behind my back for months and left to be with him so they could start their "master plan".

For three years, when I wasn't at work, I spent all my time at home with my girls but I'll admit I wasn't always the perfect boyfriend. However, no one, short of being abusive, deserves to be left like that.

Apr 14 11 - 4:56pm

That totally sucks! I hope you can still try to continue having a relationship with your daughter though as she is the most important thing!
My boyfriend of 7 years came home one day and told me he no longer wanted to be in a relationship with me and packed up and moved out within a week leaving me with our 3 year old son and feeling totally devastated. I believe at one point I even got on my hands and knees and begged him not to leave me. Turned out to be the best thing he ever did for me though... a couple of months later he knocked up another girl then dumped her and now has nothing to do with his daughter... the guy is a COMPLETE douche. He is very much in my son's life now but jesus, just hearing his voice on the phone makes me want to vomit.

Apr 06 11 - 6:25pm

I was living on the other side of the world for 11 months. Mr. Long-term-let's-pick-this-up-when-you-return-there's-always-webcam was understandably upset, but sticking to his guns and refused to end anything. I was willing to discuss the situation, but he would not.

... Until he realised how much sex was to be found in his new university accommodation, a month after I left. I received an email from him in the middle of my foreign biology class, explaining that he 'never intended to cheat'.

At least he didn't intend to. It's the thought that counts.

(I became very ill and returned to Australia for medical treatment a month after that.)

Jul 28 11 - 7:38pm

I found out the guy I had been with for a year and a half was cheating on me the entire time. Funny part was that he swore up and down he would never intentionally hurt me, that I was the best thing to happen to him and that he had never felt so loved as he did in our relationship. THEN when I found out he had been cheating the entire time he said "I did not intend to hurt you because I didn't think about it, I just did it"

Apr 06 11 - 8:32pm

I can't muster much sympathy for Sean. If someone tells you they want to end it, they likely mean it!

Jul 28 11 - 7:39pm

I totally agree, he should have known it wouldn't last when he had to convince her to stay.

Apr 06 11 - 8:45pm

I have one of those classic stories: I was dating someone for the month of August. We saw each other every evening, and he certainly seemed to like the company and the sex. He never once introduced me as his date, and, when I packed and moved from my apartment to my college dorm at the end of the month, he didn't show, despite having said he'd help. I ignored this, because I was sad and needy. I managed to guilt him into coming to help me unload my stuff, and after my real friend who had helped me left, the guy and I went up to the roof of my dorm and shared a couple of beers. He was leaving for school a few miles away in a day or two, so I asked him if he'd be my boyfriend. He said yes, seemingly without any doubt. He invited me to his room at his parents' place for sex one more time after this, and once he was on the road to his college, I was not able to reach him and did not hear from him ever again. Silly as I was, I went out of my way to try only a few times in the next couple of weeks so as not to appear crazy. Nothing. Silence. A black hole.

Apr 06 11 - 9:26pm

Ooh, I've got one: My first boyfriend lived an hour and a half away from me. I'd visit him on my days off from work -- and he'd leave me alone in his house while he played Dungeons & Dragons with his friends. (I was not invited because his friends didn't like me or want me around during their precious role-playing time. He never advocated for me or blew off D&D.) I spent most of my weekends sitting in his house waiting for him to come home, like a neglected little puppy. But this didn't bother me. I was happy to do it. Right before our first Christmas together, I totaled my car. My knee was injured and I was covered in bruises. I told him I wanted him to either come visit me or come pick me up because I needed him; he tried to send his friend to my house to pick me up. When I visited, he refused to touch me or hug me because he was freaked out by the crutches and the bruises. I was upset because I had no car and thought I would lose my job because it required a vehicle, and he said I was being "crazy" and "clingy" and unreasonable for being upset. ("I totaled my car when I was 18. It wasn't a big deal.") Then he dumped me. And insisted we remain friends. The first time I tried to visit him as a "friend," he ambushed me with his new girlfriend after telling me she wouldn't be there. And then tried to kick me out because I made his new girlfriend "uncomfortable."

He was a real winner. Incidentally, he married the girlfriend he ambushed me with. Good luck to 'em. I hope he treats her better than he treated me.

Apr 07 11 - 1:44pm

Not so much a shitty breakup story as a shitty relationship...

Apr 06 11 - 9:37pm
Mr. Man

Did any of you folks ever see Fellini's "Nights of Cabiria?" it's such a perfect heartbreaker about how unpredictable and dangerous people can be out there in the harsh harsh world. In this case 1950s italy. The lesson being: there will always be plenty of nutters around who you will never understand. They are not worth more of your brainpower than that. Ya gotta plow on anyway.

Apr 06 11 - 9:45pm

Really a great post. But here the story is just the opposite.

Apr 07 11 - 12:38am

I had a long distance bf, after months and months of making plans and talking about the future I was going to fly out for a weekend to job hunt and secure an apartment (that he was going to help me pay rent on), the morning I was going to buy my plane ticket I got a text from him saying "I'm sorry. I just can't.". My phone was in my hand when the text came in so I immediately called him to ask what was going on and I got sent to voicemail. We've never talked again.

Apr 07 11 - 3:16am

When I was 16-17 years old, I was dating a 24 year old guy. I broke it off after 6 months because it just wasn't right for me, in a lot of ways, for many reasons not hard to understand. Early December that was, then on christmas, he showed up to my house with a gift and wearing the pants I got him. I let him in but I didn't take him back and he cried on my bed for several hours. My dad asked me if I was sure(they got along better than we did).

Apr 07 11 - 10:17am

Two and a half years ago I found out my then partner had been having an affair. The affair had begun 4 months after we had moved halfway way around the world for her career and I had spent the previous 4 years studying to gain an occupation that could travel overseas with her. When I confronted her with my knowledge (she had talked in her sleep - seriously, you cant make this stuff up) she continued on with a plan to travel to Paris for a week to see her wealthy lover. During this time I was quite distressed and ransacked our house and found evidence of another older affair she'd had. Finally when she returned we 'talked' and she told me to leave. Her 'solution was that she would help me rent an apartment so I could be close to our child who would stay with her. This is in a city where we were expats and my visa status was dependent on being in the relationship. I got advice from a colleague and found out I would have to leave the country shortly, return to my home country and apply for a new (tourist ie; non-working) visa to get back to the place my daughter was living in. What really hurt at the time was that she tacitly admitted that she had stayed in the relationship with me because she wouldn't have got the position as a single mother. A month after the discovery I took her to court in our home city and won custody. She still lives O/S but was retrenched from her position possibly because of the new partner and afaik their June marriage has been postponed. I may not ever be able to pay off the legal fees which my family covered. Am I happy that I 'won'? Well, I get to see my daughter grow up, and that horrible person is out of my life but I'm not happy about any of it.

Apr 07 11 - 1:19pm
Mr. Man

wow, that's big. but being free of it now must be worth a lot.

Apr 07 11 - 10:49am
Zang Zow

Wow, some incredible stories indeed. The one where she said she'd be a few hours late but jumpld on a plane and left the country was real cold!


Apr 07 11 - 11:12am

I was broken up with on Valentine's Day in 2007. Luckily she did it in the afternoon because I was planning on proposing to her at dinner that evening.

Apr 07 11 - 2:41pm

I was dating someone for about two years when he broke up with me because I drank and smoked cigarettes. I told him to not come crawling back when he realized how stupid he was being, and sure enough, four months later when HE was now both drinking and smoking, he came back begging. Fortunately for me, I was already seeing someone else [who I have now been with for four lovely years]. Ass.

Apr 07 11 - 7:37pm

My first boyfriend, whom I dated for a momentous (for a teen) two years, broke up with me. I was devastated. After about 3 months apart (and several girl-toys of his) he and I began talking again, and it seemed as if we were going to get back together. We became closer and closer and I thought I should be becoming happier and feel the relationship butterflies. All I was seeing was the bad parts of our past relationship. He was controlling and didn't trust me, although he flirted incessantly with other girls. I drove over to his house one day, it was nearing Christmas. I handed him his present and said, "I don't want to date you again." He walked away. He called me constantly for several weeks; crying sometimes, yelling others. "I loved you." "I needed you." "I thought we'd be together forever!" Temper tantrums practically. I tried talking calmly, I tried being stern, I tried ignoring him, then finally I just told him that if he valued our friendship he needed to stop trying to contact me until after I got home from visiting family winter break. When I saw him several weeks later he ignored me. I didn't mind. Within a week he started talking to a friend of mine, she asked me if I minded. I gave her my blessings and told her that I was happy for them. I wasn't lying.

Apr 08 11 - 10:47am

I had a boyfriend - or so I thought. For reasons related to work, we couldn't tell people we were dating but I was really happy when I heard him tell the office skank that he couldn't hook up because he had a girlfriend. Fast forward three months - he told me that, in a moment of weakness, he hooked up with an ex, she was pregnant, and they were keeping the baby. He broke up with me. I was deeply hurt but sort of sympathetic - I thought he was trying to do the right thing (sort of)! Slowly, it dawned on me - he was cheating on her with me , and a week later, he announced his engagement. I got to hear everyone congratulate him on his good fortune - and see him every day at work.

Footnote - she did have a baby until 3 years later. Either she should be studied extensively by a team of top doctors or she never was pregnant.

Apr 08 11 - 11:26am

I can relate to Laura...My first serious boyfriend had an opiate addiction, and couldn't leave me alone after we broke up. That kind of shit is absolutely heartbreaking, especially when you're that young.

Apr 08 11 - 5:25pm

A boyfriend and I were having problems and I told him that we needed to take a break over winter vacation to collect our thoughts. He agreed that it wasn't a breakup and that we'd just spend some time apart and tell each other how we felt when we got back to school. I decided that I wanted to be with him and found him the second school started again. He'd gotten married over the break to some girl I was only vaguely aware went to our school. They hadn't even dated 2 weeks before tying the knot! Her parents had to sign some legal waiver since she was underage!
TMMW One of my core classes that semester was with the newlyweds and one other person. I soldiered through that entire semester only to find that the requirements for my degree had changed and I didn't need that class after all. Gee, and I thought the other 3 folks who had dropped the class early in the semester did so because my overwhelming bitterness was poisoning the room!

Apr 08 11 - 9:22pm
tad askew

not sure i can state that i have any horrid break-up tales...i'm usually the one who gets sick of being used and finally ends things...but...it seems i am an ego-puppy...the kind of guy you hang out with when you want someone in your life that makes you feel better...who tells you how brilliant and lovely you are...then when your self esteem is healed...you start hanging out with the reckless piles of human garbage that made you feel like crap in the first place...then when the time comes when they feel like crap again...they come knocking on my door...normally at about 2a.m....mostly drunk...and always sobbing ...so i let them in and the cycle starts anew...it takes a while until things sink in and i realize that none of them really want to be with me...they just need me to build them up so some other dude can tear them apart...that's usually when i end things...and then i'm hated and loathed by them...and called every bad name under the sun...because i'm such a horrible person.

Apr 11 11 - 2:29am
Jean Paul Funky

Hang in there Tad.....if what you say is true, you WILL find a girl who will appreciate your sweetness and kind heart :)

Until then, I would suggest that you determine what it is about you that attracts these selfish twats in the first place.....and work on eliminating that pattern!

Apr 11 11 - 12:46pm
tad askew

i appreciate the sentiment but...these women have taken years from me...the last one five...the previous closer to seven....i am now approaching 45....time is running out...for the past twenty years all i have wanted was to start a family...i'm a stable homeowner with a steady job...i'm getting to the point where i do not think starting a family at my age is viable...

and on commonality between these women...at face value they are very much alike...intelligent, stunning,world travelers...both in academia...both interested in guys who can't hold steady jobs who live out of vans....but for some odd reason they found me fascinating...that's the word they used....fascinating...i suppose compared to dudes with drug habits and a band that's gonna make it any day now...i might be an oddity to them...i'm not sure how to change any of that...maybe sell my house, leave my job, get hooked on meth, and live out of my car...

Apr 12 11 - 12:46am
Jean Paul Funky

You say these women have taken 5 to 7 years from you, Mr Askew. I have to ask, were you in a committed relationship with them for these 5 to 7 years? If so, it doesn't sound to me that they did not want to be with you. People do not stick around for 5 to 7 years for the hell of it. They obviously cared about you.

IF on the other hand they've been coming to you the past 7 years only for an ego boost, and discard you when they've gotten what they need out of you, I stand by my first stance: they're selfish twats! However, you would be reinforcing that behavior and perpetuating that cycle if you kept taking them back the past 7 years!

Apr 18 11 - 2:50pm

Tad, relax! Don't worry just yet. 45 isn't too old for a man *or a woman* to start a family anymore. My baby brother-in-law just turned 3. His parent's aren't quite 50 yet *my husband has a young father and step-mom*

Anyway, so the baby brother-in-law is well adjusted, loves his much older brothers and has tons of friends at day-care with 'older' parents. And he sometimes admits that he loves me as well, though I think he's going to hold onto his jealousy for awhile. I stole his favorite big brother from him.

Oct 19 11 - 2:45pm

dont worry be happy..
in every life we have some trouble when you worry you make it double dont worry be happy...

Oct 19 11 - 2:50pm

aint got no cash aint got no style aint got no girl to make you smile.. dont worry be hippie

Apr 09 11 - 2:52am

My "ex" and I were slowly on our way to begin to officially date as she wasn't ready for a relationship yet. Fast forward one week. She texts me and tells me to get on Facebook because she needs to talk to me. From there she proceeds to dump via FB Chat for some other guy and they begin an actual official relationship. Two weeks later he dumps her and I am consoling her. We remain friends for a few months before we stopped talking for various reasons. Still I learned my lesson.

Apr 09 11 - 7:30am

Two of the greatest statements people have ever made to me in describing the 'fairer' sex:
1) All Women are one of two things - boring or insane. Take your pick.
2)Bitches be crazy

Not saying guys can't be total fucktards too when it comes to relationships, but ohmydays, those statements have proved to be true far too often!

Oct 19 11 - 2:34pm


Oct 19 11 - 2:35pm

fuck the shit in you... myan.. are you insane...... you boka.... the dog scoundrel... fuck off man..

Apr 10 11 - 11:52pm

2 weeks ago today my boyfriend of 5 1/2 years and father figure to my 11 year old son took me to a liquor store parking lot and announced that he had been sleeping with a 23 year old (I'm 36, he's 40) for the last few weeks. And that he had no intention of stopping. And that he had been doing it unprotected. He stated that he needed to shake things up a bit. Oh yeah, and he hopes we can still be friends.

Jul 25 11 - 8:17pm

Are you kidding?? Oh God that's fucked up. What an arsehole.

Apr 11 11 - 8:14pm

After 5 years of hanging out, I ended up dating my best guy friend. For 7 months, everything was great, our friends got on, he was close with my mom...etc. We accidentally got pregnant, my BC pills failed. He took me to look at rings, took me to Ikea to price furniture, he talked to my mom about us getting married and starting a family. Things took a turn for the worse when he decided he need more time to work on his "music" career and pretty much begged me to put things off a year. So I did. 2 days after we terminated the pregnancy, he took off to this sisters and didn't contact me for 2 weeks. Since he was a broke musician, I covered everything and the then wrote me a check to pay me back. When I deposited it, I got it back because he had closed his bank account to avoid payment. Did I mention that this all went down mere months after my father passed and when I mentioned that I really couldn't cope with any more loss, he told me I'd get over it? Yeah, he was a real piece of work. I eventually ended up dropping my small claims case after I found out he had not only dealt with bed-bugs, been kicked out of multiple living situations and has pretty much turned into a homeless subway busker. So much for his music career.

Nov 18 11 - 8:02am

Sad, sorry to hear....

Apr 11 11 - 8:41pm

i dumbed someone in a mean way--but he deserved it 100% and never believed that he did. He never did anything except play WoW, and would except me to sit ther and rub his feet whlie he did so. he never went down on me, but woke me up every morning and made me give him a blowjob before i could go back to sleep. then he kicked me...so i waited until i could handle it (in other words, was very drunk) and called him one night at 3am saying i had something to tell him that would infuriate him. he called the next morning and said "what?" i said, "i cheated on you. " (wasn't actually true). he said, "goodbye."

Apr 23 11 - 10:24pm

I was with my boyfriend for a year and a half. I really thought he was the one for me and we had discussed our future together numerous times. He broke up with me out of the blue and gave me no reasons as to why. Two weeks later, I found out he was seeing someone I thought was my friend.

Oct 19 11 - 2:43pm

so let it be.. come with me well be in bed madly in love.. you and me just you and me.. i insert mine you go insane in pain inyour pussy.. baby come on

Mar 19 12 - 11:57pm

lol steve wtf is wrong with you

May 03 11 - 10:38am

I was dumped on in the airport on the way to vegas (past security, waiting to board). I spent 3 days with my newly ex-girlfriend in the same room.

Jul 10 11 - 5:12pm

LOL great to finish these posts with the last one...So your gf dumbed you right before your getting on a plane for a long weekend and you still end up spending the weekend together..I'm curious who is more stupid..the gf for picking that time to break up with you..or the fact you still spent the weekend with her...

Jul 26 11 - 2:30pm

It wasn't so much the breakup itself that was horrifying, it was the things my ex did in vengeance subsequent to me breaking things off with him.

I got relentless amounts of texts, calls, IMs, and e-mails. My phone would have 13 missed calls within a half hour, and mass amounts of texts, all turned multimedia due to their lengths. He'd go from being really nice to me, saying that the breakup was something we needed to become friends and "start all over" again, to extremely bitter, cursing me off, to copious amounts of crying. He then entered the phase of harassing me on Facebook with a few of his asshole friends, and his mother, I repeat, a grown woman, contributed. Also, he said the reason we broke up was because I cheated on him, which was absolutely untrue. If you cannot tell, I broke up with him due to his over-emotional/controlling self.

This was followed by a phase where he refused to return the things I had left at his place, but ended up breaking a piece of jewelry and throwing it on my front step. He also began to mock my parents' recent divorce, hitting all my sensitive spots of how I felt unwanted and scared of what would happen. Needless to say, I'm glad I'm away from a guy like him.

Oct 19 11 - 2:42pm

oooooooooooo... so glad.... will you fuck with me??? come on baby

Aug 26 11 - 12:28am


Oct 19 11 - 2:40pm

how long!!!!!!!!!!!!! you son of a bitch.. why you so tensed??? just let it go... it happens to everyone.. now she lives happily and you in pain what the fuck is this?? it is not love its insanity.. live your life man.. "i died that day. from the past three years" what the piece of a shit is this... let it be brother... let her go... and you search new one there is nothing called soulmate... fuck you asshole.. you made me so angry wiuth thes..

Aug 29 11 - 8:38am

You put the lime in the coconut and drink the airctle up.

Aug 31 11 - 7:51pm
Broken Teen

I was young, but I knew how I felt. It wasn't that long that we had been together. About a month. But in that short time, I managed to love him. Unfortunately, he lived a few states away. We were only official for about a month, but we had talked and flirted for like, 4 months. Right before he had broke my heart, he had told me that I could never love him as much as he loved me, so I was confused when he did decide to end it. He didn't explain why he ended it either. It wasn't even a full day when I saw on his Facebook that he was in a relationship with someone else. He did so much for her and told just about everybody that hey were together. He even made her a video with her favorite song and a bunch of reasons why he loved her on it. He never once did that for me. He didn't even tell his parents or his friends that I even existed. She even cheated on him once, but took her back. Eventually they also broke up and the first person he went to was me. It just about broke my heart when his name popped up on my phone. He said he had called because he was worried about me and wanted to know how I was doing. After that we started to talk again. We would text each other everyday. But then he tells me about this girl that he likes. He tells me about how he went to her party and how he went on vacation with her. You wouldn't imagine how painful it was to hear the person you love talk about the person they love, and it not be you. Him and the girl got together and he doesn't text me anymore. He even said that we should be friends and that I should keep him in the loop with my life, but how am I supposed to do that when you won't even answer my texts. I tried to move on, but I just don't feel the same way about this guy. And I can just feel that its going to end soon.I'm too young to feel this damamged.

Sep 09 11 - 4:19am

I was in what I thought was my first serious relationship and although I hate saying this but I loved Travis. I was 17 and he was 19. We had been together for bout 4 months and I was stupid in love and lost my virginity to him. After he got way too comfortable and wanted it all the time and I felt guilty cuz I wished I hadn't done that. We would fight bout it and one night he got physical and choked me. I was so grateful his brother was there to stop him. I was scared and needless to say it ended that very moment. Travis has issues that weren't my problem and I could care less if he rolled into a grave. That was about a year and a half ago and now I'm with my bf Adam. Been together for 7 months and I'm cautious with who I share myself with. We have been taking things slow and I appreciate his patience and respect.

Oct 11 11 - 10:50pm

My long distance gf broke up w/ me on my birthday through an email and an hour later changed her status on FB as married to this guy. And we didn't even fight the last time we talked or anything. Everything was normal (appeared to be). I wake up in the morning hoping to have a good day and actually talk about our future. I was planning to pop the question, so she can come back to US and we could be together. We have not seen each other in about a yr, but we talked, chatted normally as couple would do in a relationship. No sign of a break up..nada..at all..So on my bday she sent me email saying she met someone a week ago and we are done, blocked me off from FB and changed her status to married to this guy which I had to find out from my friends. My friends came and asked me if she is married or is this a joke? I 'm still in utter disbelief and puzzled..its been little over a month.....life huh..

Oct 18 11 - 12:28pm

I was in a relationship for almost a year, we saw each other every day, we had mutual friends and everything was sort of ok. And then, out of no where, while he was out with his mates, drunk and high, he text me to come in the morning to his house that we've gotta talk. So, with the chills down my spine I went to him, and woke him up. While still in bed he told me we have to break up, and then commented my reaction with : 'Why the f*** r u shocked?' The next thing happened, as I was drinking coffee, still shocked, he was quick in changing his FB status to "single" while I was still there! And yes, he insisted that we still remain friends and f*** buddies, while the reason for the break up was his new gf who he didn't even mention. I know my story isn't such a horror I've read here, but it feels good sharing it.

Oct 19 11 - 2:36pm

now this is a fucking piece of a shite!!

Oct 21 11 - 2:35pm

i used to think he was the one :), how ironic! the worst part is that I'm always afraid I will ran into him cause we live in the same neighborhood...

Nov 16 11 - 3:04pm

My break up story is pretty unusual. First of all we were dating for about 1 year and 4 months. We got along well no arguments, and Ofcourse went to church all the time. A month ago he went to a party with his cousin, it was Supposively a family party. When suddenly someone slips bath salt into his drink. The next couple of days he was in the hospital for halllusination attacks and other bad symptoms. Then two weeks later he came home. At times he was depressed and I then realized he wasn't the Jonathan I remembered him as. He suddenly had attitude and paranoia problems and started to isolate himself from me. Then one Friday we went to the movies with the church and he broke up with me out of nowhere. It's been a while since the break up and he still isn't well. But it breaks my heart because no matter how much I try to begg him for our love we had ( which was beautiful) I can't reason with him. So thanks to this "drug" it's ruined our relationship.

Apr 27 12 - 3:19am


Nov 17 11 - 4:38pm

My boyfriend of 2 and a half years is currently dumping me for spending too much time with my twin sister. She has been in the hospital for a month recovering from a blood infection (Spsis) where she only had a 50/50 change of surviving.

Nov 24 11 - 7:22am

I keep dumping my bf almost every week. He keeps coming back. I am starting to believe I actually enjoy dumping him. But he's a fucktard! Imagine waking up today to find out he changed your celphone number without telling you?? Amazing right? I am thinking of a clever way to dump his sorry ass again!

Nov 24 11 - 7:27am

I dumped my ex on our wedding day. Called him to say I just can't do it and then turned off my celphone and ran to my other bf. That sucks! But I deeply regretted it and learned my lessons now.

Nov 28 11 - 2:42am

When i was in Grade 8, I was dumped on the night that we were gonna have our special one month date. I've been feeling that something was wrong, and i was right. later, 2 eeks after we broke up, i knew that he asked one of my best friends out. She told me that he asked her out on the same night as he dumped me. Later, after he begged me not to go on Google+ i went to read the things he posted. Apparently i was not letting him be himself. In the posts i have read things like he never liked me.No himself.

Dec 09 11 - 11:15pm

My love life has been tragic! Ok there was this guy Josh.I fell madly in love with before we met face to face.He had it all black hair black eye tall dark and goth.Very attractive in my opinion.
We lived in the same neighborhood and I could tell he liked me ive caught him sheepishly checking me out when id go to workout Or when i saw him immediatly on the back of the bus which i got on sitting in the front . i smiled politley he smiled back id look to the side and hed be checking me out every time but he didnt want me to see we both did this. He was 18 when we met (face to face )this came about because we had the same bet friend and we didnt know he knew one another. I saw it was josh and I FREAKED i PANICKED i didnt wanna screw up in front of him.The ame night we met we hooked up . he did nice things for me we were almost like best friends all of the sudden. a week or two later i lost it to him and thought i was in heaven . i had a premonition of this and it became true.i took care of him and served him well stood by his side and remained faithful. Our bet friend tried to get us to hook up too .i spoke highly of him alway tuck up for josh. well eventually he became a man whore i found out he already had a marriage divorce previously before i came into the picture. now he replaced me with his new controlling gf i thought not too much of it at the time . josh knew me longer though i treated him better than she did. she was bossy arrogant controlling everything hated every woman who crossed his path she hates me just because she wants it that way.the tragic part after 2 years of having respect for this guy all he has wanted from me was sex. no emotion no feeling. i found out he was a psychopath and to prove my point :
he wanted to make me his whore/ mistress while he had his girlfriend.
i had to be the other woman or he wouldnt be friends with me

i backed out on these thing
he is willing to cheat on his own gf and he ued me that whole time for 2 years for left overs if no other girl would put out playing on my kindnes finnally he straight up disowned me just becuase of his gf and he wanted to make both of us happy. welll josh thats bullshit you didnt care the whole time and he wouldnt care if i cried hell still walk away and disown me just becuase and he doesnt like me in the end. im nice im kind i have morals . joh ha no scruple he believed if i can damn well cheat on my gf with you, you can damn well cheat on your bf with me . because you fix me.

thats one story

Dec 11 11 - 7:51pm

I dated a girl 4 2yrs 8 months.a month ago I moved 700km so she could take this job. She dumped me yesterday over the phone. Its almst Christmas n my Bday on Christmas Eve I turn 20. Its goin to be the worst bday n Christmas ever I'm so depressed and all i want is the love of my life back.. she says she still cares and maybe one day. But wat if that day nnever comes. Wat do I do now? Its my first real love. So I've never dealt with heartbreak.

Jan 17 12 - 7:33am

I was seeing this guy for two months. He seemed like a decent guy although a little bit distant from the get go. So one day he came to see me at a friends house. We made out for a while in his car and then i went into the house. He text-ed me " So sorry" after a couple of minutes and that was the last time i heard from him.

Jan 30 12 - 8:40pm

after 8 years found out my partner was cheating on me and broke up with me on the phone just days before my graduation day.

Feb 05 12 - 12:47am

My boyfriend and I were doing well, we'd go to concerts together, do art together, hung out almost everyday and we work together too. We have all the same friends so I never felt torn away from them while we were going out. Santiago would always tell me he loves me and look deep into my eyes and tell me that I was the sweetest girl hes ever met. Suddenly, towards the end of the semester during finals tests he started acting weird, started drinking more (ended up waking up at the hospital once) and started acting meaner towards me. making rude comments or ignoring me. I approached him and told him its not ok to treat me like that. and he looked straight into my eyes. said sorry and gave me a hug. THe next day he told me he wanted to break up. I kept asking him why and he finally told me that hes embarrased that he's so shallow, but he just doesnt find me attractive anymore. Im too short ( im only 5 feet, and hes 6'3), and i havnt been going to the gym as much as ive used to. ( I'm thinking that he doesnt have as much muscle as he did since we first went out but i still love him), then he said he doesnt enjoy our sex because ive gotten loose down there and i should do more keigels.
and to top it off ( This is what hurt me the most) is that he feels he
his words exactly:
"have taught you so much and introduced you to so many things but you havnt taught me anything, wait actually thats not true your a good person and youve taught me to be a better person."
which he follows up with calling me stupid and unable to keep up with the news.
I was completely heartbroken and my self esteem shattered. ANd am thoroughly convinced that he mustve never loved me to break up with me for such shallow reasons after dating for over a year. I didnt want to make drama especially since we work together, so i didnt tell any of our mutual friends that we broke up. We just let them find out eventually, but i never said anything about y we broke up or the things he had said to me. Then bout a month later i noticed i missed a period so i got tested and found out that im pregnant with Santiago's child. I told him but he refused to talk about it. he didnt want anything to do with it. I made him come to the abortion clinic with me which he did reluctantly, but when i told him that im really sad and need to talk he just got mad at me and told me that im dumb to be sad because its not even a baby yet, and refused to talk about it with me. THis sucked because i couldnt talk about it with most of my friends either because we have almost all mutual friends and are really close with all our co-workers. I was super depressed from the break-up paired with the abortion, and kept thinking about the fact that the guy ive been in love with for a year would suddenly not just break up , but not even be there for me for comfort when I'm going through an abortion because the way i see it, im too stupid to be cared about.
On top of that, all my friends started getting mad at me and taking it personally when i constantly and consistently turned down their invitations to hang out. but the truth was I was really depressed, crying for hours every day, months on end and didnt want to tell them anything about the breakup and abortion because i dont want to make drama in the workplace. I knew santiago must be hiding some personal problems from me too since hes been acting so weird and i didnt want all the co-workers hating him on top of that. Also, usually my friends hang out by going out drinking and i was afraid id hurt myself if i drank when this sad. I kept thinking that I would get over it but months later im still breaking into tears even in public, like on the bus, in the classroom or riding my bike and its fucking embarrassing. I really do feel abandoned. got broken up with cause im unattractive and stupid, all my friends think i'm lame for turning them down all the time, I can t even tell my roommates bc i live with my brother who is a professional fighter and extremely protective of me especially when it comes to guys. id be afraid hed beat up any guy i said hurt me. Ive tried a lot of things to try to feel better, bikram yoga helped and i started waking up early and biking for hours then rock climbing in the morning and stayed very very busy at school. And lately i got a confidence boost bc im graduating college at the end of the semester and while looking at my DARS noticed i didnt have to take about half my GE courses because i either tested out by challenging them, took AP classes in high school or was exempt because of my SAT score. I just recently started going out with this amazing guy who i really love and whose had a crush on me for years. But I see Santiago at work all the time. hear about him being with other girls and watch my co-workers be all buddy buddy friends with him and it hurts me and about once a month i still start crying, and im still having nightmares. I dont know wat to do.

Mar 16 12 - 7:05pm
Iain G

Yo torn, see my post below. It will make you feel a lot better. Just keep busy, keep crazy busy and always know that it will get better, no matter what happened in the past. Imagine there is no past, focus only on positive people in your life, and things you love to do. Fuck the rest. More importantly, do something very, very dangerous, but have somebody coach you through it and learn to control it. Like tandem skydiving, a day at the race track, a day of sport climbing, a day at the gun range.....whatever. There are lots of cheap "thrillers". And.......The "Ex" I talk about below, was a materialistic, extremely shallow, self centered, abusive chick. You'd think she was adopted, I swear, cause her folks rocked. Forget the dude, do your thing...and everything else will fall into place.

Feb 14 12 - 12:03am

today i was dumped by my boyfriend, the day before valentines day while im in shoppers drug mart buying him a card, chocolate & his favourite candy. right before im about to pay i get a text "kenze, we need to talk.." to make it worse i then had to tell my mother there was no need to buy him anything anymore because i was now single. the reason he broke up with me? he got all good grades on his report card ecxept one 60%. and his parents threatened to take away his phone & ipod if he didnt do better so he broke up with me. we'd been dating for a week, but we were best friends before that. & i just moved back after moving away for 5 months, so his grades have nothing to do with me, what so ever.

Feb 27 12 - 4:41pm
ugh guys

I dated this guy long distance for 6 months and we had plans set on seeing each other (i made him give me proof signs and stuff) but then a week before we were suppose to meet he called me and explained how he took his good looking friends pictures and the guy took the pictures for me b.c he begged his friend to help him out so i dated a fake for 6 months i was so angry and no i didn't go out with the real guy in the photos

Feb 28 12 - 1:06am

I was with this guy for almost 4 years. We lived together for one year by ourselves and it was pretty much over. After I had basically been supporting him for that entire time, before we even moved in together. The prick gets a job (finally) and decides he was not going to help out with expenses but was going to pay me to move out even though I put down all the money for the place. Took care of him and his cat and got dumped and kicked out. I guess he put a stop to him using me. I should be grateful for that and all the debt I now have.

Mar 12 12 - 9:48pm

I took a piss on her doorstep after coming home after a party.. So awkward, ended up sleeping outside that night

Mar 16 12 - 6:50pm
Iain G

I don't know what it is about love that hurts so much sometimes, I do know that the more times you dump or get dumped after being in a serious relationship, the less it seems to hurt. I also noticed that the less time I spent hating the person after we were finished, the quicker I rebound and the happier I am. Get busy, do shit, have fun, chill with your friends. Probably the best thing a co-worker told me is "....bah.....just get a new set of tits hanging over the sink...and you won't even think about the old one." He was right. Its just a relationship which can just as easily be broken, as it is made. But that's the hard part....we don't just cut and run, or terminate on command. My last relationship lasted about 13 months, and during that time we met, she moved in with me, we moved out and bought a house together, got a new car, furnished the whole house, got a great 3 month old rescue puppy, got engaged, had a huge engagement party, went to Vegas twice, Cambodia and South Africa, got a new job overseas, planned a destination wedding....fuck we did a lot of shit in one year......things were pretty good. Even got along great with her folks, so much so her dad was like my older buddy..........then one morning a phone call, at 6am while I am at work overseas........and that was it. She had moved out and took all her shit before I even got home a couple weeks later. Nothing like coming home to an empty house, a home no longer. No dog....fuck I miss him. You think things will work themselves out, distance is a difficult thing on a relationship, never did talk to her face to face, something I have always done myself especially if I was the dumper. Shit, her folks even had me over for coffee and wrote me a great note after she phone dumped me, her friends husbands and friends friends think shes a retard too. In hindsight, better now than later I guess. Thing I miss the most is that damn dog, had to give him up too cause I travel too much, but at least he went to my best friend, so I still see him once in a while. All in all, could be a lot worse and life goes on. Statistics are always on your side, guy or girl. If you figure there are say 1000 matches on the entire earth that are 99.5% compatible or more with you........those are great odds. Just gotta find em.......fuck soulmates, that's a myth!! There are thousands of people who could be your potential best fit. Whether you're a cheating whore, an abusing asshole, a nice guy, a gay guy, a lesbian, a horse fucker or have a shit fetish.......guaranteed there are others out there who crave your company. So don't give up, just carry on. Millions of people every day all over the planet are in fucked up, shitty relationships. Whether you read this or not, care or not, relate to or not, don't matter. Fuck it and move on......Cheers.

Apr 16 12 - 3:37am

i was with my ex for four years (we had known each other for twelve in total). a year ago i moved to a different country to study and he said he wanted a long distance relationship. a month later he wouldn't return my calls, emails or texts. i haven't heard from him since.

i found out he's getting married today to a girl he works with.


May 04 12 - 2:36am

So ive been dating this girl for about 7 months now. Noticed she has been acting wierd, so one day when im over her house I take a glance at her cell phone. Ends up this bitch has been talking to a sugar daddy because she did not want to pay rent for her new apt! Told her we were done right there, but she still insists and being spiteful towards me and blows my phone up! The first day I actually chilled with her she sucked my dick, shoulda known not to turn a hoe into wifey.

May 08 12 - 9:42am

I just got dumped by a guy at my birthday dinner because he didn't like the way my friends were looking at him.

May 13 12 - 2:00pm

i got dumped by my bf of six years we had been going through a rough patch i had been questioning him about a girl he had been talking about she was a co worker he went on a business trip came back very strange and distant he finally told me he didn't want to be in a relationship with me turns out he started dating the co worker a week later and now its been two month and he's going to move in with her funny thing is we were going to move out as soon as he came back from his trip guess he continued the plan with someone else.

May 23 12 - 3:02am

Moved in after a 1 yr long distance relationship, liquidated my entire life and started fresh in his city.
We went on a cruise, had a great time, came home, made love and went to sleep. The next morning he asked me to raise his 12 yr old daughter with him and then 30 minutes later asked me to move out.
I had but a few hours to collect whatever could fit in my car and leave his condo.
A few weeks later I saw his online dating profile looking for another relationship.

Jun 04 12 - 7:16am

I dated my college senior for two years. We were in love and the works. Then came long distance which made things a little rough. I spent a week with him, and all was good. he said he loved me, wanted a future with me.
He dumped me over the phone, right after I told him I might be pregnant with his child. (note: we always used protection)
Some bullshit excuses. He didn't call, visit or bother finding out how I was doing.
I dealt with a messed up abortion, medical bills and academics alone.
His response when I finally called him: "I guess I'm sorry. I dont think we belong together."


Jun 25 12 - 1:54pm

had a boyfriend untill the 24, he always made me smile and laugh when I was mad or even sad. He was so much fun to be a round, I loved him so much. We dated for a year and a half, but what really makes me sad and really is " Matthew " got his friend to break up with me " Blake ". Out really made me hart broken, and I can't stop thinking of him cuz I have a memoire where I can't forget any thing. And every morning. When I think of him I say to my self ( stop crying and get on with your life, your a better person with out him to.)

Jul 10 12 - 2:12am

just talked to him today after a month on no talking to him, now so i guess all i am is lost old memorie to him, when i saw him today the first thing he said was, i'm sorry i just dont liket o remember onld memories :(, and he doesnt know how the made me fell for the day, i was sad and crying cause all i am to him now is an old forgotten memorie. will my life get any better??????

Jun 26 12 - 6:04pm

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Jul 01 12 - 3:39pm

My older boyfriend bought a long distance ticket to come see me. A week before he was going to get on the plane, I told him not to come. I feel like an awful person, but I don't love him.

Aug 16 12 - 1:45pm

Met a guy who was visiting my city for a conference. I asked if he was attached at all, he said no. We had a wonderful few days and kept trying to be realistic about things and not start a long distance relationship after just a few days of head over heels bliss. Well, we missed each other too much and kept talking. One thing led to another and we fell in love over a few months. He kept being "busy" with work and couldn't find time for a visit but always promised one soon. He talked about (someday, years later) taking the steps of moving in together, getting married, kids, etc. He went into such detail about how he pictured all of these things. He spent hours and hours each day talking with me. He then suddenly drops off the face of this planet, claiming a serious family emergency with his parents. Turns out, he has a wife and two kids- actually three now, he just had a baby.

Aug 27 12 - 6:49pm

I was in California for a few weeks during the summer, dating an amazing guy, totally in love then....my family gets a call from the police. Him and his friend broke into our house and stole from us and trashed our cars. Keep in mind....I still loved this guy. He dumped me over Facebook. And is now kicked out of his house and going to juvie....I still love him!:'( he was my best friend and I cry constantly. (this is recent)

Sep 01 12 - 1:59am

I met a gorgeous guy who seemed to be really sweet and nice. Three days after we
Got together he told me he had sex with someone else. So I told him to leave.
He came back the next week saying he only wanted me etc. we spent a month
Together all the time but he would keep flirting with others or say he fancied
Someone or was going away with someone and that I shouldn't think I was his girlfriend.
All the while, staying at my house, borrowing money and behaving like we're a couple.
I'm a successful, attractive and well known person where I live and he would always say he's proud to be with me And he likes showing off that he's got me.
He would sometimes keep texting and walking away to talk on the phone at odd times
And after wards behave distant and say mean things to me. One day when after a text session he said
Something mean, I checked his phone to find that he had been sexting the girl he was with.
I confronted him and he cried and said he didn't want to lose me and I fell for it cause I was in love with
Him and wanted to believe it. We stayed in touch and I even visited him. The 2 weeks I was there,
He kept pushing me away when I was nice to him, would be nice when he wanted sex,
Always introduced me as a visitor, took me to stay at his parents and just blew hot and cold the whole time.
I was so confused. It's 6 months since I saw him and we've been in touch the whole
Time. He's made and cancelled 2 trips to see me ( once leaving me stranded in europe and cancelling when i was already there) and when I would call him he acts like he's busy, i know hes sleeping around,when I didnt call Him he would start calling, I tried to break up a few times but always got seduced
Back into communicating with him. He has an alcohol and drug habit and is nt responsible, has a violent offense charge against him from an ex of his... So many reasons why I should avoid him. And yet I think of him and wish he loved me and feel depressed and unwanted. Since the last few weeks, he's not calling me, doesn't respond to texts but when I ask him if anythings wrong, he says he wants to talk to me
And he's just busy blah blah. I know I'm being a fool, how do I stop myself from hoping? It's been 9 months of a painful experience, I've lost my self esteem and I'm still trying to hang on to something that just hurts. Any wisdom for me?

Sep 01 12 - 11:39pm

i hardly talk about my breakup because it almost cost me my life.I met him on facebook and we started talking,then i gave him my phone number,but he never called and so i forgot about him,and also stopped logging on facebook all together.Then oneday he called me.i fell instantly inlove with his british accent fo for he lived in the uk and i in Ghana west africa.he tol me he was madly inlove with me blah bla blah,and i said u must speak to my mum first about your intentions cos i wasnt too sure about him.wELL he came to the Ghana to see me,and he came along with his son to spend the rest of the holidays at my house i was so inlove with his son,the relationship grew and after 8 months he wanted me to come and settle in the uk with him.i was excited because i was going to be with him and that made me so happy.we spoke everyday on skype and yahoo messenger when he was at work.it was almost as if we were together in real life.oneday i was granted an interview on a tv,to talk about online dating which was such a coincedence cos i had met my fiance on line.i spoke about the good and bad parts of online dating and then i spoke about how i met my fiance online and on facebook.But never made mention of his name.Shockingly after the interview he called me and broke up with me it was the same day prince william married kate middleton.Then he flew to ghana the next week and started dating another girl who use to tag him on facebook.OMG I WAS SO SHOCKED WHEN I FOUND OUT I PASSED OUT and was hospitalised for 3 days i couldnt believe he could do such a thing to me,But i seeked Gods face in the whole scenario and it took a lot of counceling to get bac to my old self.I loved him for who he was and never had any hidden agendas.H e broke my heart so bad i wonder if i would ever forget about that black day.Now hes married to the same girl and they live in london.And am married to an amazing man and we live in florida.Life is a journey of lessons its good that we learn from our mistakes and forgive no matter what.