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Fifteen Great Moments in Sex

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More stories from the adventurous sex lives of our readers.

My boyfriend came to visit me in college, and since I had three suitemates, we were constantly searching for places to have sex. We were heading back to my place one night, and knew we wouldn't be able to have sex there, since it was the wee hours and they all would be home. Downtown R train, between 28th and 23rd Streets. Needless to say, it was very brief. We did it standing up — I held onto a pole — and were just pulling our pants back up as the train pulled into the station. The sex probably only lasted a minute, but I've gotten years of mileage out of the story. — Tiffany


When I was fifteen, my boyfriend and I snuck out of our houses on our bikes one summer midnight and met in the field of my old elementary school. Desperately needing a place to have sex, we climbed the brick walls and hauled a blanket up on the roof of the school. Just as we got all the way up on the roof it started to rain, and the drops made the flat surface look like a mirror. We climbed under the blanket and had awkward, nervous sex. Afterwards we lay wrapped tightly around each other and waited for the rain to stop so we could look at the stars.  — Iris


When I was in high school, I met a twenty-four-year-old woman at the local bar, where I hung out. I never drank, and so she assumed I was a sweet little virgin. I did nothing to dissuade her of this, even though it wasn’t true. The night I turned eighteen, she pulled me into her apartment and gave me a long, toe-curling blowjob. That was it. I had to fuck her. Initially she tried to convince me it was a bad idea, ‘til I looked her dead in the eye and told her that I wanted her to be my first. "Wow," was all she said before directing me to a box full of condoms on her bedstead. I don't know what was in the water that day, but I came seven times over the course of six hours of nearly continuous sex. The next morning, she drove me to school. I don’t think I’ve ever walked in with more pride. — Sohail


He was Swedish. I met him at a bar. He told me he had a boyfriend, straight off the bat, and then an hour of ill-concealed flirting later, that his boyfriend was out of town. I snuck out of the bar and waited for him around the corner while he said good-bye to his friends. We barely made it out of the taxi. — Stephen


When I was in high school, I broke up with a long-term girlfriend on Wednesday, and so made plans to hang out with three different girls that Friday (we had the day off). The first one was a booty call — I was in and out in two hours (including a shower). My second "date" started at 1 p.m. This one was actually just supposed to be a platonic hang-out, but the girl ended up confessing a long-standing crush on me, which turned into some very discreet, very flexible backseat-of-a-car sex. Finally (after another shower), I ended up driving to an old friend's house in the middle of nowhere. Her parents were out of town for the weekend. All told, I ended up having exactly five orgasms that day and giving three, which is a ratio I haven’t beaten to this day. — Alex


I started seeing someone I met on Ashley Madison. I invited him back to my office so he could scope out the Catholic school I work for, and we ended up boning on my boss's desk and cleaning up the mess with Pinesol. The office smelled piney fresh for a week, and my boss was thrilled I’d tidied up. — Sandy


I was the lighting technician for a small local production. The whole week of the production, the sound tech and I had been flirting like crazy. The night of the performance, we hooked up, wordlessly, in the booth during the production. In that hour and a half, we progressed from kissing to silently exchanging oral sex, sliding silently from cue to cue. Neither one of us ever missed a beat, or made any noise. No one in the audience noticed a thing, which was just as well, 'cause my mother was in it, and so was the guy's girlfriend. — Maggie


My ex and I did it in the Christianity aisle of a Borders, in broad daylight on a Thursday. I'm undoubtedly going to hell for that, but it was worth it. — Eric


In the early hours of the morning after my birthday party, I watched the sunrise with two good guy friends and a bottle of white wine, from up on the roof of my apartment. Someone put his hand on my knee, and the next thing I knew, I was all tangled up, underwear discarded, in the only male-male-female threesome I've ever had in my entire life. It was pretty funny  they were both trying to pretend that the other guy wasn't there, in the politest way possible. They treated me like a goddess, and fulfilled every sexual fantasy I've ever had. I was picking bits of roofing tar off myself for the next day and a half, but it was definitely worth it. Best birthday ever! — Maggie


We had just got back to her house from our second date. She was starting laundry and I joked about how little kids stimulate themselves by sitting on vibrating washing machines. I jumped up on top and soon she joined me. We immediately began kissing passionately and she came loudly less than a minute later, just grinding herself on me while my hands were holding on to her ass. We ended up having sex all over the house until the sun started rising the next morning. — James


We first met as freshmen while hanging out in someone’s dorm room. I thought she was super-cute at the time, but I was a virgin with little confidence so I didn't really talk to her. We next saw each other at someone’s birthday party four years later. Apparently, she’d always thought I was cute. Fuck! We immediately started grinding and left before long to go back to her house. We were making out on her couch and planned to transfer to the bed but only made it halfway and ended up fucking hard on the tile floor, her face down. She came three times in that position — I've never heard someone come so loudly or in such quick succession. I see on Facebook that she got married soon thereafter. I guess I was her last hurrah. — Jimmy


He was my ex of two years, but we were both still infatuated, and found ourselves wondering if we had built up the great sex in our heads. A Gothic cemetery resolved that one night. An abandoned English cornfield did so again the next. Not a stitch on, under the sky. The last night, again in his studio. Turns out it was just as animalistic, energetic, and wild as we remembered. — Meg


One evening my girlfriend and I were facing one another in a carrel in the university library. She caught my eye. We went to the fire exit and stopped on the stairway and were soon naked enough for some oral sex and then I was inside her. Neither of us were the quiet type but we bottled things up as we came. After that we were better able to concentrate on the books. — Ted


We'd gone to the spring art show, though we weren't art students. We went outside and up the stairs to an open-air, third-floor landing.  She leaned against the waist-high concrete wall and we began to make out. Soon she pushed me away and reached under her skirt, removed her panties, turned her back to me, and leaned over the wall as if observing the walkers in the park below. I lifted her skirt, slipped inside her, and reached in front with my other hand. We could hear the nearby chatter from the galleries as we came under the elms. — Mike


My girlfriend convinced me to let us bring a guy home — something I had zero experience with — after we’d been dating for about a year. He was a handsome guy, thin and a little feminine but with a surprisingly big penis. I wasn’t sure I was going to let him touch me, but once things got rolling, it just felt natural. He and my girlfriend knelt in from of me, and blew me at the same time, basically making out around my dick. I came so hard I nearly fainted. Let’s just say I learned a little something about myself that night. — Kevin


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