Before You Were Born

Stories from our parents' surprisingly romantic youth. This week: two free spirits exchange psychic readings in '70s San Francisco.

By Alia Volz

My parents, Doug and Mer, exchanged psychic readings on a blind date. Though they've since divorced, I recently reunited them to ask about their unusual romance.

I would like you, my beloved parents, to take a trip back in time. It is now January of 1977 —

D: Oh really? What drug are we smoking now?

You tell me. How did you guys meet?

M: We met because of Barb. She was my good friend and also my business partner at that time. She and I had a marijuana brownie bakery, and business was really starting to boom. Barb met your dad because she had a crush on your father's roommate, John, and went out with him a couple times, though I don't think they dated seriously.

D: I'm pretty sure I met John through the Berkeley Psychic Institute.

So Barb introduced you. Was it a blind date?

M: Well, how blind is two psychic readings?

D: It wasn't a date. I think Barb gave me your number, and said I just had to call you. So we talked on the phone and came to the understanding — since Mer did tarot readings and I did aura readings — we decided to trade readings. I mean, if there's a question about it, blame Barb. "Match-maker, match-maker, make me a match!"

Describe the moment you met.

M: I think you came to me first, Doug.

D: Yes, that is correct.

M: I lived in an apartment on Frederick Street, in the Haight. It had a big staircase where you could stand at the top, and it rounded around so you could see who was coming up the staircase. My bedroom was the first doorway to the right. I had a king-sized bed, and I did the reading right on the bed with the cards.

D: I had, of course, heard from the match-maker all about this incredible tarot-card reader, and I had goosebumps, like, "What am I in for here?" I remember ringing the bell. The door opened and there was this long set of stairs with this lady up at the top. I think the light was behind you. I knew there was no way you were going to come down, and I had to go up those stairs. It was kind of like one of those Twilight Zone things where the stairs get longer and longer. And I was very aware of Mer's presence and her social power. You know, her aura was very — the way you were standing on that landing, you weren't going to budge. I had to come up to you.

Mer, what was your initial impression?

M: I thought he was good-looking, handsome, tall. And I knew he was an artist, and that's what Barb saw in common. Barb and I had just read Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, so we were playing around with a cowgirl theme in our lives. She had bought me a cigarette lighter that was actually a little pistol. And I remember Doug coming up the staircase and wearing a cowboy hat.

D: Yeah, I had a leather cowboy hat, and definitely cowboy boots.

M: He kind of fit the whole idea. I was wearing turbans and stuff, but very often, I had a cowgirl theme. I wore cowboy boots, vests, stuff like that.

Cowboy boots and turbans.

M: Yeah!

D: That sums you up, right there.

How was the reading, Doug?

D: I was just blown away, absolutely. No doubt about it. I think it was the first real tarot reading I'd had and I was really impressed with your mom's ownership of her space in the reading. She knew what she was doing, she knew what she was talking about, she believed in it, and she did a great job.

Did you kiss?

D: No, it wasn't a date.

M: But I was attracted. I thought, boy, he's good-looking...

D: I remember thinking, Mer, that you were exotic.

M: Oh, cool.

D: Let me tell you, there were very few exotic girls around. I mean, the way you did your eyes. You always did your eyes with a Grace Slick kind of look. Didn't you use kohl?

M: I still do use kohl around my eyes.

D: You had a mysterious quality around you that was extremely attractive, no doubt about it.

What was the next step?

M: I went to the warehouse where your father lived for my reading.

That had to be quite an experience.

M: Well, the warehouse was a really cool environment. To begin with, you didn't know what you were getting into, walking in the door. It was so plain from the outside, and then you walk in and it's this enormous 4,000 square-foot room. Naked wood floors and forty-foot ceilings with skylights.

Tell me about the reading you had from Doug.

M: I remember parts of the reading. You read my aura, and one of the things you saw was a Shirley Temple picture, which — as for who I was as a little girl — was right on the money. I mean, I was an entertaining little moffet-headed little girl. I could walk in and entertain everybody in the room. I could tap dance. Jesus, I could dance.

D: I believe it.

M: You said, "I see a Shirley Temple picture." I remember that clearly, because after the reading was done, you indicated that you didn't want to go out with me. You rejected me. And you rejected me when I was vulnerable. I had just opened up for this reading. You'd just read my aura from bottom to top, top to bottom. I felt very exposed. And you decided you didn't want to go out with me. And I was furious! I was so mad that I wrote a note and sent it with Barb. It said, "Shirley Temple isn't Shirley Temple-Black for nothing. ‘Twasn't necessary to shoot."

D: Right. Nobody rejects Shirley Temple.

M: That motherfucker! I was so mad. I was like, what's wrong with this guy? First he reads my aura and then, "I don't think I want to go out with you." That made me feel like he saw something awful in me.

D: Oh, probably some poor timing on my part. That's my Mercury in Scorpio, my Mars in Libra.

Obviously, you did get over your initial conflict.

M: He apologized.

Commentarium (11 Comments)

Dec 03 10 - 12:45pm
C. Dorian

Dad really aged well...

Dec 03 10 - 2:22pm

I second that, Dad aged very well.

And to the author, thanks for submitting so many pictures!

Dec 03 10 - 10:14pm

Great story. Great pictures too!

Dec 04 10 - 12:53am

i love this story. really fucking cute.

Dec 04 10 - 5:19pm

Wow. The father is incredibly good looking. He looks about 35!

Dec 04 10 - 6:58pm

Hey, that's my dad you're all drooling on!
Only joking, and I happen to know he's single...

Dec 04 10 - 10:56pm

@Alia Well it's no wonder you're so pretty yourself, good genetics! You look a bit like Rachel McAdams in that picture of the three of you.

Dec 09 10 - 2:47pm

they must have been really interesting to grow up with. and your dad *is* a hottie! your mom is gorgeous. i love her style :D

Jan 24 11 - 10:52pm

I'd love to know what they do now. And yep, your dad IS cute. I'd date him. (Don't worry, I'm in his age group. I'm allowed to drool.)

Jun 11 12 - 3:29pm

you definitely get those good looks from mama

Jun 19 12 - 12:26pm

I'd say she got them from papa! But I wouldn't date him, he's a little to eccentric for me