Fifteen Stories: Unlikely First Meetings

Stories of first encounters — from awkward to downright rude — that led to something more.

By Nerve Readers

I didn’t know what she looked like before I had sex with her. A friend I'd been sleeping with asked me to come over one night. He also mentioned that this girl would be there and she would probably be up for a threesome. He and I had floated the idea for a while, but we hadn't found the right person.

When I got to his apartment, there was this hot girl sitting on his couch and the men’s Canada vs. Finland hockey game was on TV. Ten minutes later I was under both of them, feeling out how three people making out works. A frenzy of stripping ensued, and we all tried to pile on his twin bed. Crazy acrobatic sex followed. The guy I had been sleeping with felt a little bit left out because this girl and I were more interested each other than in him. I left that night knowing very little more than her name and her love for hockey.

The next day I got her phone number and we started texting like mad, it turned out that we had a lot in common. She lit up my world like nobody I had met before. A few months later we were going steady, though we couldn’t tell a whole lot of people how we met. We had a year of blissful sex and Star Wars jokes before it ended. — Amanda


I'm really shy and in the past have relied heavily on alcohol to make friends in bars and at parties. So when one of my only friends invited me to her best friend's birthday party, and told me the party was completely dry  the birthday girl was a Mormon  I panicked. I went, brought a gift for the birthday girl I'd never met, and braced myself for a lot of sober, stilted, awkward conversations. In place of kegs and red Solo cups, there was a table of candies and baked goods. After being abandoned by the one girl I knew, I spent most of my time hanging around there. That's when I met Tom.

He was also shy, and didn't know anyone but the birthday girl. We started talking, and then things became more comfortable, and slowly but surely things started to get fun. We had so much in common and he was so funny  I couldn't remember the last time I had so much fun, completely sober. So as it turns out, I met my boyfriend of two-plus years at a Mormon birthday party. — Alexandra 


When I was working as a waitress, I knocked the lid off a pitcher and spilled its contents on my patron’s lap. I frantically applied napkins to the drenched area — which he apparently “liked” despite the icey coldness. He was laughing the entire time and left me a $20 tip and his phone number. I was so embarrassed that I never called him, but he continually returned — always asking for me and always leaving a large tip and his number. Persistence pays off  I eventually called him, and we dated for about fifteen months. — Jamay 


His personals ad in the newspaper said "I'm kind of an asshole. I think it's funny when people get mad." And I called him anyway. And then married him. — Erica 


We’d been friends in high-school, until he moved away before junior year. The summer after, I went to visit Boston on a college trip, and stayed at his house. He had two beds in his room — I brought a Nalgene bottle of vodka (oh, high school). We got drunk, got into separate beds for about ten minutes, before he came over and joined me. I’d had my suspicions, but we’d never fooled around before. He gave me head enthusiastically for about five or six minutes and then, as I was getting close, gagged and puked all over my chest. In a testament to my teenage libido, we just got in the shower and jerked each other off. In a testament to my ability to forgive, we dated for a year when I moved to Boston for college. — Nick


Apparently, I’d met Katie a hundred times — we grew up in the same town and my cousin was her best friend  but I never remembered her. One night, at a party, I overheard her telling someone that her favorite food was "sandwiches." I walked over  not thinking we’d ever met  and told her that was stupid. “Sandwiches are not a food; they’re a category of food." We ended up getting in a surprisingly heated argument about it, which ended with her saying, “Well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree” and me responding “No. I don’t agree. Unless you’d eat a shit sandwich, what you’re saying is stupid." I didn’t even realize I was at a party at her house. She blew up and stormed off. Upshot: I remembered her this time. We’ve been together for three years. — Mike 


It might be the worse line ever used: “Hey, my friend really likes Canadian guys," But I was at a bar in Thailand by myself, waiting for a date who, it seemed, wasn’t going to show up. I nodded and he sauntered over. “What makes you think I’m Canadian?” I asked. “I don’t  but American boys usually find that flattering.” I told him I lived in Hong Kong, and he looked taken aback. “Where?” I named a neighborhood. “Oh shit, me too. So much for a fling in a foreign country.” He left a card and walked off. I was annoyed, but intrigued enough by his reckless transparency that I called him when I was back in HK. It didn’t hurt that he was cute. We ended up dating for a year. — Ben


On my morning subway ride, I’d noticed a guy staring at me. He always looked bleary-eyed, like he was coming off a bender, and a little scruffy. He made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but honestly, it was just one more thing in the sea of annoyances that is commuting. After about a month, he came over and said hi... and it turned out we’d gone to high school together, and he’d been mustering the courage to re-introduce himself. Once he said hi, I remembered him and remembered thinking he was cute  apparently, he just wasn't a morning person. I gave him my number, and that was that. — Natasha

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Aug 03 11 - 2:16am

aw I wish I paid attention to this because I would've submitted our story that I feel is a pretty good one :)... last summer I received a last minute invite from a mutual friend to go to a jam band/folk show at a Brewery. I went and dropped these two hits of acid I'd had saved for a special occasion, had a great time and danced my butt off. After the show, mutual friend was all like "hey wanna go to my friend's camp on a lake?", and I'm all like "hellll yes". So a few car loads of people are headed up to this camp, and we stop halfway to get gas or something... I don't know because I was zoned out in the back seat watching a patch of grass kaleidascope-ing right in front of me. Then a boy so tall all I can see are his legs opens the door and in a deep voice he goes "You guys mind if I catch a ride with you?" and slid in next to me. We didn't say two words to each other the entire night but I was seriously in love before I saw his face (which is perfect BTW). We went our seperate ways that evening..

Aug 03 11 - 2:22am

but as fate would have it we found each other the next day. A last minute thing, I had gotten a gig bartending for a private party....... for his dad's business. Pretty much what happened from there was his dad actually came up to me and goes, "have you met either of my sons yet? .........Well, which one do you like?" Without hesitation I made my pick and we've been together since. OK sorry... i might be lame. but had to share

Aug 09 11 - 3:18am

That's a nice story..not lame at all..

Aug 03 11 - 7:11am

I find it odd that people in america call Paddy's day ...."Patty's day".What's wrong with calling it the original moniker?

Aug 03 11 - 9:15am
i guess

because it's St Patrick's day and we abbreviate Patrick to Pat so...if you don't know any Irish and never heard it pronounced 'Paddy' that's where you're gonna go...

Aug 05 11 - 8:54am

Patrick comes from the Irish name Padraig...Hence the Paddy abbreviation

Aug 03 11 - 12:02pm

I met a beautiful Italian girl in a bar in Thailand, she left two days later and I thought I'd never see her again. We stayed friends on Facebook, we met up again when she was in L.A. on vacation. Two years later, she's moving in with me by year end if we can get her working papers in order. Ciao!

Aug 03 11 - 10:00pm

marry her!

Aug 04 11 - 10:24am

i still think i'm right, sandwiches are a type of food, and are not eligible for favorite food status.

Aug 05 11 - 2:05pm

I agree. A turkey sandwich can be a favorite food but not just sandwiches. Just to be specific.

Aug 04 11 - 6:38pm

first time i met the guy i dated for a year and a half, i was waayyy fucked up at a party my first week of college, and i started this incredible conversation with a gorgeous guy. an hour later, i'm thinking we're soulmates, when this girl comes over, straddles him, and says, ADAM, WHAT'S THAT SOUND I MAKE WHEN I ORGASM? that was his girlfriend. best night ever!

Aug 09 11 - 3:20am

LoL! That must have sucked!

Aug 06 11 - 11:14pm

Is anyone here universally hot? Does anyone not have a malfunctioning sex life? Does anyone just have the politics right? Is anyone else just fine?

Aug 08 11 - 7:11am

does this possible that every one have sex partner before marrige ? what ur guess ?

Aug 12 11 - 12:34am

When I was in high school my boy friend, at the time, and I, bought pot from this guy, alot, and we would always see each other at parties and stuff (he lived on the other side of town) I always thought he was cute and he always wanted my number. Well, fast forward through 2 marriages, 2 kids and 2 cleaned up lives later, I responded to his ad on craigslist. First time we met we knew each other from somewhere, it wasnt until after we started talking about the "good ol' days" that we remembered each other. We've been together since that "reunion".

Aug 31 11 - 11:08am

I feel satisfied after redaing that one.

Aug 31 11 - 12:35pm

This forum needed shainkg up and you've just done that. Great post!