Fifteen Stories: Memorable One-Night Stands

Nerve readers share stories of scandal and adventure.

By Nerve Readers

We met at a bar. He was very upfront about telling me that he had a boyfriend... until two drinks in, when he was asking me to leave first and meet him around the corner. He was Swedish, hung like a prince, and had a beautiful bed with giant city-view windows. Somehow, he knew to be just the right amount of dominant, knocking me back and holding my head without ever freaking me out or seeming mean. When I left, feeling like a joyful, wrung-out rag, he kissed my forehead and said, "That's the most fun I've ever had in two hours. I hope I never see you again." — Kevin


I met Pablo while on a Mediterranean cruise with my extended family. The tall, smug Uruguayan was the bartender in the Schooner Cocktail Lounge, which, not coincidentally, became my favorite bar on the ship. One night, my cousin and I took our grandfather to visit for post-bingo drinks. Laying on the charm, Pablo put his arm around Grandpa's shoulder and stage-whispered into his ear: "You have beautiful granddaughters. You better watch them."

"And you," he said, clutching my hand in both of his with mock gravitas, "you stay out of trouble." I nodded and discreetly stashed away the note, bearing simply a time and a room number in the crew's quarters, that Pablo had slipped into my hand. Duly impressed, I let Pablo show me his other tricks later that night. — Jess


I experienced only one free year between losing my virginity and meeting my long-term partner, during which time I only had one one-night stand (and I managed to sneak it in a mere week before meeting said partner, at that). He was a sexy Ukranian import with a wicked sense of humor and a great body. It was fun and casual and we never bothered one another again.

I'd established one rule for myself in that one-year period: never sleep with someone whose last name you don't know.  I remembered this rule moments before the act, pushed against his chest, and yelled, "Stop! What's your last name?" I haven't forgotten it since. — Morgan


It was my first night living in a new city and I was at a party at a friend's place. One of his friends had been flirting with me all night, but it wasn't normal flirting — she wouldn't say a word to me. She'd only touch me and giggle as I walked by. Towards the end of the party, she took my hand and quietly led me to her room, which, oddly, didn't seem to have a door or a bed — just a bunch of clothes everywhere. Less than sixty seconds into making out, she started to go down on me. Which I accepted. I realized how creepy and weird the situation had been to that point, but it was head. What twenty-four-year-old dude turns down head?

She finished up, and put her head on my chest to rest. At that point, I was thinking this girl was a loony tune, but I didn't want to be an ass, so I began to reciprocate. But she grabbed my hand and stopped me, and said, "Sorry, I have a boyfriend and I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that." I looked at her totally dumbstruck. She must have misinterpreted my dropped jaw to mean that I was hurt, because she immediately came back with, "But it was really nice sucking your cock." These were the first words she'd said to me all night. — Steve


While at a bar one night, I ran into Abe. He was this hot guy from a class I was taking, but I had never talked to him because I was too shy. After quite a bit of vodka, I decided to dance with him. Instead of asking him to dance like a normal person, I slid my hands into the back pockets of his jeans and pulled him down off the stage. We danced together for the rest of the night. Turned out to be the best sex I ever had! — Melissa


I had a one-night stand with a Freemason. It seemed like one of those things a person should cross off her to-do list. He was sweet, if a little socially awkward. (Though, "socially awkward" in my book = "clean.") Anyway, it was terrible. He was a two-pump chump, and then just kept wanting to get me off, when I just wanted him to leave. Also, every time he touched me he would whisper, "Give me that come." That was the last thing I wanted to do. He was probably going to use it for some Freemason ritual or something. — Jessica


I met a girl at a house party. We went to her house, got naked, and had sex. After we finished, she proceeded to tell me that she had a boyfriend whom she'd dated for seven years. She also said that I should get dressed and get out cause he'd texted her and said he was on his way. I couldn't leave through the front door without risking bumping into him, so I had to leave through her window. She had a very large house, and she lived on the second floor. — Jay


My own one-night-stand stories are pretty boring, but when I studied abroad in London, my roommate had plenty of adventures. She'd bring a different man back to our flat every week. Almost all of them were bartenders, many of them Brazilian (which was strange, considering we were nowhere near Brazil — two of them were named Joao). Many of them she'd meet at gay bars — they'd be the one straight man there. I think my favorite of her hookups was Joao, the bartender. After their one-night stand, he began to act really strange and jealous. According to my roommate,  this was because Joao could "astral-project," and he had astral-projected his soul into the room while she was with someone else — she could feel his aura — and got jealous. — Adina


Commentarium (29 Comments)

Aug 26 11 - 2:29am

Re the girl who freaked out over the boobs comment: sounds a little nutty, so the guy was probably better off.

Sep 22 11 - 2:32am

Iwant to sex with you

Aug 26 11 - 3:26am

No, the "boobs" story was so sad, but I get both sides - she was basically begging to hear that she was more than just a warm body to him, and she was, but he chose the most godawful time to be less than honest. I feel like if he tried to go find her this could be a potentially depressing or funny movie waiting to happen.

Aug 26 11 - 3:46pm

I don't know, I think she got exactly the information she was looking for. He wasn't comfortable telling her he liked her. If she was looking for emotional maturity, then she was told exactly what she needed to know.

Aug 26 11 - 7:30am

I agree. The "Boobs" story was really sad and I get that he was attempting humor but she was feeling super vulnerable. Because it was a first date, she wasn't yet familiar with his humor and because she was feeling vulnerable, there was particular importance paid to his words at that particular moment. I don't think she was "a little nutty."

Aug 26 11 - 1:43pm

If a girl ever asked me that question halfway through sex if it was a one night stand, I would pull out immediately. If you're not comfortable fucking for its own sake, if you need validation on your worth halfway through a mutually pleasurable act, then that's something you have to fix before you continue.

Aug 29 11 - 2:29am
Oh, I see.

Let's just ignore thousands of years of discouragement against even the notion of female sexuality. Of course women should fuck for fuck's sake because a few million women have been doing it for 40 years without major repercussions!

Dude, seriously ...

Aug 26 11 - 9:47am

Damn Chloe, that's cold.

Aug 26 11 - 11:11am

I agree, that was really unkind. People are such assholes.

Aug 26 11 - 1:18pm
mr. man

mr. man has a penchant for finding these girls. they infuriate / fascinate.

Aug 26 11 - 11:51am

Does anyone else (besides me) get the impression that a lot of these one night stands just didn't end very well for anyone involved? Seems like they absorb tons of mental and emotional energy, way out of proportion to the pleasure involved.

Aug 26 11 - 12:34pm

Agreed. This is why I don't have one night stands. To each their own but for me personally, the payoff isn't worth the turmoil.

Sep 01 11 - 2:39pm

It obviously depends on the person. Some people can just enjoy sex for the sex. Others can't help the fact that sex is an emotional experience for them.

I don't think either is wrong, but the two different kinds of people need to steer clear from each other, for both their sakes.

Aug 26 11 - 12:26pm

What was the point of mentioning that the guy was a Freemason? Utterly irrelevant to the story.

Aug 26 11 - 12:53pm

Because really. How many people can say they boned a Freemason?

Aug 26 11 - 1:19pm
mr. man

how many people can say they want to bone a freemason? is that like wanting to mount a scientologist? or cornhole the amish?

Sep 01 11 - 11:25am

I think it's funny that she said outright boning a Freemason is on her bucket list, but then makes fun of their rituals.

Aug 26 11 - 12:46pm

Paul, that is the saddest thing I've ever read. Ever. Jesus Christ...

Aug 26 11 - 12:49pm

...I meant "Your boobs," Paul.

And to the people who thought the woman was a little nutty, I disagree. I think she was surprised at herself and wanted to be reassured. It probably made an impression with me because it's the kind of dumb thing I would have done...(in fact have done). Those little moments that can change a person's life. Fuck, Paul...

Aug 26 11 - 2:51pm

That was sad. But I think as a woman I would have laughed. Alittle. But I don't think she was nutty, I would have been upset. But I would have answered your call Paul!

Aug 26 11 - 3:48pm

We have no idea what baggage this girl was carrying. If she really did have nice boobs, maybe other guys had used her for them. And maybe that fear was exactly what prompted the question. It seems likely since she shut down so quickly and completely. It's a sad story, but I'm thinking that the Paul who wrote it in is an older and wiser version of the Paul in the story.

Aug 26 11 - 5:04pm

The boobs story was sad. I wish he could have talked to her in person afterwards to clear the misunderstanding. Why did he just call? He should have gone to her schoo, workplace or wherever.

Aug 26 11 - 6:17pm

The whole series was depressing.

Aug 29 11 - 2:39pm

I didn't think the whole series was depressing. Some of the stories are funny.

Aug 28 11 - 2:27am

It was my best friend and I's second night in London as fresh faced seventeen year olds at a club with the girls we were staying with. My friend was already making out with some Good Charlotte look-a-like so I decided to go for the thin cat eyed boy who kept claiming it was his birthday. His friends drove us all over London in his flashy car since he was too drunk to and eventually we ended up back at his house. His own. Entire. Huge. Beautiful. House. It was his twenty first birthday, his family was loaded and had given him his own house, and I finally believed him when he said he'd be picking up another flashy car the next afternoon. I'd also finally remembered that it was that time of the month, which I mentioned to him apologetically. He didn't seem to mind even in the slightest, a fact which became glaringly obvious when after having some mutually awesome sex he decided to go down on me. I awoke in the morning to slightly bloody sheets, roofers peering in the bedroom window and Boy in a towel asking if I could manage meeting his mother, who had popped by. In a life that did not feel like my own I met an incredibly graceful and handsome woman sitting in a large personal library on the ground floor. An instant later I was on the doorstep. Boy, still in only a towel, pointed at his cheek. I kissed it, and was off to find my way back to Camden on the tube.

Aug 28 11 - 9:04pm

He went down on you with your period?!?!

Aug 29 11 - 12:55am

Some people like that. Prob not the best choice for a one night stand though.

Sep 01 11 - 10:44am

Hardcore! Love guys like that.

Dec 30 11 - 1:09am

really cjm, like el said... both of you really! like you didn't know at age ten that women have periods? and Mirror!.. really.. it's not hardcore, there are Men out here who aren't afraid of women, Men who really Love women. Men who do their best to be sure the woman cums first.
What could be more fascinating for a Man than giving a woman an orgasm? I don't know but, I'd trade a milk mustache for one of those any day!