The Music Festival

Mads Hansen

It was my first holiday abroad without my parents. My friend Jessie and I drove for an entire day to go to the Roskilde festival in Denmark and party hard in the mud for a week. We joined a little camp full of very peculiar people, one of whom we called Action Man because of his fondness for camouflage clothing.

On one of the first days of the festival, I went to see a band on my own because no one could be bothered to get up before noon. Before the band started playing, I spotted a boy a few rows in front of me. He had long blond curls and bore a startling resemblance to a young Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin. I kept glancing over to him during the gig, and afterwards I decided I had the choice between saying something to him or never seeing him again in my life. I saw him lighting a cigarette, and, pretending that I had lost my lighter, asked if I could please use his.

He lit my cigarette and smiled. It turned out he was from California and a guitarist in a rock band. He couldn’t have been more my type if he’d tried. Then, without thinking, I lit another cigarette with my own lighter. He just smiled, and gave me his phone number.

By some miracle I ran into him again that afternoon. We were inseparable from then on. We went to see Queens of the Stone Age together and he protected me when I was almost crushed against the barrier. After the gig, I brought him back to our camp, where everyone was still sitting in the same beach chairs drinking beer.

We went to see Queens of the Stone Age together and he protected me when I was almost crushed against the barrier.

I was sharing my tent with Jessie, but she was willing to share with Action Man instead so I that could have my way with my American rock God. I didn’t even care that the actual sex was far from spectacular, or that the next morning it turned out he had a girlfriend — I had pulled the hottest guy I’d ever met while wearing rubber rain boots and sloppy festival clothes and I was going to take advantage of it every way I could. Three more days of mud-parties and two more nights of slightly-awkward-but-improving sex followed.

Because I only had eyes for him I was completely oblivious to the fact that Jessie and Action Man had also been getting it on for the previous three nights. They had figured they might as well have sex if they had to sleep together anyway.

On the last night of the festival, I said goodbye to my Cali boy. There were fireworks — I mean literally, there just happened to be fireworks as a part of the closing ceremony of the festival. He gave me an old bracelet he had been wearing. I gave him my pair of aviator sunglasses. We promised each other we would both come to the festival again next year, and that we would keep in touch through Myspace. I never saw him again.

Jessie and Action Man are engaged now. — Beatriz

Commentarium (20 Comments)

May 16 11 - 6:31am

Action Man sounds so trustworthy.

May 16 11 - 7:27am

The Cambodian moto story is amazing. So similar to something that happened to me traveling there. Makes me miss it

May 16 11 - 7:27am

Dope, love this.

May 16 11 - 7:42am

that's funny. odd is really a norwegian name. the 8th most popular, actually. how.... weird

May 16 11 - 9:09am

I laughed out loud at this: "There were fireworks — I mean literally, there just happened to be fireworks as a part of the closing ceremony of the festival."

May 16 11 - 9:39am

you know that last story was a really terrible retelling of Before Sunrise, right?

May 16 11 - 10:31am

Thanks guys. We swapped that story out for another awesome submission, asked the author what's up, and dutifully added "Before Sunrise" to our Netflix queues...

May 16 11 - 1:44pm

Follow it up with Before Sunset

May 16 11 - 2:07pm

The last story sounds like the someone being simultaneously Worst Bridesmaid and Worst American Tourist ever...

May 17 11 - 5:09am

immediately after I read that story I said "Jessica.. what a hoochie"

May 16 11 - 2:08pm

this was kinda cute "he had to do things like tell the concierge to write a note asking me if I wanted him to shave and instructions to circle either 'yes' or 'no.'" but come on, who hooks up with a moto driver in cambodia? how sketchy

May 16 11 - 3:07pm

I just want to say I met my Italian girlfriend/soon-to-be-fiancée on a remote island in Thailand. That is all.

May 16 11 - 3:20pm

I had a one-night-stand with this sexy French guy on my 21st birthday in Shanghai. He asked me if I wanted to go to his hotel room and "have a rest." We didn't get much rest.

May 17 11 - 7:52pm

Is Devin a boy or a girl? Not that it matters, of course. Just wondering.

May 17 11 - 10:21pm

why are american girls always SUPER proud of themselves whenever they hook up with a french or otherwise foreign guy ?

May 18 11 - 4:46pm

Replace "american girls" with "people" and "guy" with "person" and your question will be more on point.

May 18 11 - 12:32am

sounds like being a bridesmaid paid off - great story

May 21 11 - 5:42pm

The last story had a goddamn good friend.

Jul 23 11 - 10:58am

I saerhecd a bunch of sites and this was the best.

Aug 29 11 - 11:08pm

Yeah that's what I'm tklaing about baby--nice work!