By my freshman year of university, I'd done no more than kiss other girls, so I was more than ready for the college cliche — dorm-room experimentation.

We were lying face to face in her bed, and she'd mentioned that her stomach was an erogenous zone. You can't ask for a better opening than that, so I started stroking the strip of exposed flesh between her jeans and her shirt.

After a few quiet moments, she initiated the "what are we doing" talk. I'd had this talk before, and it had always stopped the proceedings. But this time it was clear that we were both curious, so we agreed that it was a one-time thing between friends, and didn't have to become anything more than that. Once we reached that agreement, we began making out in earnest. Those dorm-room beds weren't very wide so our tumbling back and forth — each of us trying to be on top — was a little risky. It was like we both wanted to have our way with the other, but neither of us would give in.

We were lying face to face in her bed, and she'd mentioned that her stomach was an erogenous zone. You can't ask for a better opening than that.

Eventually I won that battle, getting her out of her jeans and settling down between her legs. I'd never gone down on a girl — not even close — but I'd had it done to me enough times that I figured I could wing it. I slid my fingers inside of her and began licking her and the reaction was immediate. I had to use my free arm to pin her hips to the bed and hold her still as she bucked and writhed on the bed.

Had I not been so eager to "do it right," I would have drawn things out a bit more. As it was, I was practically running a race to get her to orgasm. The sounds she was making were incredibly gratifying, and making her come made me feel like a superhero.

— Nicole Edson

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Commentarium (18 Comments)

Oct 19 11 - 12:40am

I thought this series would be kind of off-putting and irritating. I was very, very wrong. The last one reads like a great Tao Lin short, and this line: "We let out mutual groans of pleasure, and both moaned out "wow" and "nice" when we came," was hilarious.

Oct 19 11 - 3:40am

I liked these.

Oct 19 11 - 8:03am

Ray is ridiculous.. Kissing a man is the worst revenge I've ever heard of.. And he really doesn't even sound that nice!

Oct 19 11 - 9:27am

Or maybe he's so nice that he doesn't realise that his ex will find it hilarious that he kissed a man after she dumped him.. In which case, I really feel for him!

Oct 19 11 - 7:37pm

He's a very good example of a douchebag that loudly proclaims himself to be the nice guy, because he wants the attention that he's going to get if he does so. What a loser.

Oct 19 11 - 12:59pm
Rutherford B. Hayes

I found this very sweet all around.

Oct 19 11 - 1:30pm

The picture for number three gave me an erection

Oct 19 11 - 3:30pm

the fourth one is suuuuuuper hot

Oct 19 11 - 3:49pm

lol just kidding i meant the third one!! but the fourth is alright. 3rd gets my vote tho

Oct 19 11 - 7:50pm

"making her come made me feel like a superhero" I love that

Oct 20 11 - 11:15pm

I'm whacking it over #3.

Oct 25 11 - 4:06pm

i loved these! they were so nicely written and full of sentiment.

Oct 25 11 - 11:23pm
in bed

i am left with questions after #5. they REALLY never spoke of it again? so then did the penis emot-penis stop as well? the sexting? i want some answers, dammit!

Nov 21 11 - 12:04am

Right on-this helped me sort tighns right out.

Nov 21 11 - 2:24pm

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