We love to check in with our Twitter followers. This week we take a peek at the salacious Tweets of @AvatarKoo. Before she wrote about trying to get into a particular guy's pants, she tweeted about hook-ups in gay bars, panty (mis)adventures, and the mysterious #MrWords.

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Jan 20 10 - 8:34am

What a slut! If I was MrWords and I knew about this I'd head for the hills.

Jan 20 10 - 10:53am

Calling women sluts is classless. But calling women you've never met & know nothing about on a comment board? Just plain stupid.

Jan 20 10 - 10:53am

Any woman who eats salmon "like a half-starved bear" is a woman for me!

Jan 20 10 - 11:28am

Love this girl. Also love her new cure for insomnia!

Jan 20 10 - 11:33am

I can't decide if I love how entertaining this is or how sad it is that people need to Tweet this shit. I now fear the idea of someone tweeting about me... creepy.

Jan 20 10 - 11:40am

Evidently you folks think that a young woman who knows what she wants, goes after it, and gets it is a slut. I wonder what you'd say if Koo were male? You're a bunch of sexist idiots who waste everyone's time. Go learn something useful, like maybe knitting.

Jan 20 10 - 11:50am

Oh please BRK, give me a break. If it was a male, he would come across sounding like a giant douchebag with an alcohol problem. Think about it, if a guy public talked about a woman like this, his ass would be dumped in a heartbeat. Sexism aside, there are some thing that should just remain private. Although, I have to give credit to people willing to expose themselves like this for the sake of entertainment. This IS kind of hilarious to read. But I wonder if these sort of damaged, narcissistic, internet exhibitionists know we're laughing at them and not with them.

Jan 20 10 - 12:19pm

Seriously BRK, give the sexist rant a break. It's tired, reactive, and dead wrong. That brand of feminism is horribly outdated.

Jan 20 10 - 12:27pm

Why is calling a woman a slut more classless than making out with nameless Cubans and getting your pussy eaten in public and then making it more public by publishing it? Should I applaud her courage? If 'slut' means anything it describes this kind of behavior to a T. Moreover, if it was a man I'd call him a slut too. Miss Koo sounds like she belongs on the set of jersey shore and I hate all of those people equally -regardless of gender!

Jan 20 10 - 12:29pm

He knows something about her - he knows she gets thumbed by coworkers and gets public oral sex from dudes she doesn't know. If someone you don't know a slut is stupid, what is getting your pussy eaten in public by someone you don't know to be described as?

Jan 20 10 - 12:32pm

So what if she's a "slut" & an exhibitionist? Tweets may be public, but no one's making you read them. If someone feels the need to, or gets off on, sharing their sex life, that's their schtick. If you don't want to know, then don't look.

Also, it surprises me that people still use "slut" like it's an insult. I just see it as a word that means someone who likes sex.

Jan 20 10 - 12:33pm

I didn't get slut at all... I got funny and pretty normal, actually. I guess that means I'm a slut, too.

Jan 20 10 - 12:46pm

It is 'normal' to get your pussy eaten in public? I call it disgusting. No wonder the right wing in this country is apoplectic about public morals.

Jan 21 10 - 1:25am

I don't think its slutty. Its just expressing what she has done in writing. Its anyones choice to read it or not. Yes, DC, It was a funny and good read

Jan 21 10 - 1:28am

All you haters are crazy. This woman is amazing. She's not hurting anyone - she's having fun, and IF you want to read about her adventures, you can. I think she's hot. Go Avatar Koo! You're gorgeous. If any of you jerkoffs met her in real life, you'd probably fall over yourself to try and get with her.

Jan 21 10 - 1:52am

No, she's not a slut. She's brave enough to put her actions, thoughts and insecurities out there. She's a hero. And she's funny as hell!

Jan 20 10 - 2:18pm

Quit calling my friend a slut. She's one of the most awesome, open, and honest women I know. We love you Avatar, all the rest are jealous.

Jan 20 10 - 2:19pm

If she IS a slut... so what?

Jan 20 10 - 2:20pm

Ugh. What a shallow, empty life. The only thing worse than being that soulless and driven by nothing but id, is a girl (or a guy) actually wanting to ADVERTISE it to everyone. Wonder which dumpster she'll end up in?

Jan 20 10 - 2:38pm

Dumbasses, no one is offended by the fact that it is written so stop pointing out that one can read it or not. One is offended by the fact that there are people like this out in the world. It is the person's cavalier attitude toward herself and sex that is offensive the fact that she wrote it down just makes it unambigious!

Jan 20 10 - 2:54pm

@LLM She isn't a fucking hero. If you think she is a hero, then I highly recommend booking a plane ticket to somewhere like Haiti and getting a reality check.

This woman is classless and soulless, but I wouldn't call her a slut. What people do in the bedroom is their business. When they share it all over the internet.. ugh. The internet is a great tool for making people believe all their irrelevancies matter, somehow.

Jan 20 10 - 3:19pm

Sorry, are you people coming to Nerve to avoid things involving sex? Dee, I suggest you look around - this is kind of meant to be a place where "what people do in the bedroom" is shared over the internet. If you want to debate this, I'll be at Starbucks, trying to avoid coffee.

Jan 20 10 - 3:29pm

@ RB - what makes this person have a "cavalier" attitude about herself and sex? Is it just the format in which you're reading her stories? If she wrote about it in epistolary form and used a lot of gerunds, would you be happier? Would you think then it was "art"? It's just a new format to discuss the same stories that men and women (mostly men) have been writing down for centuries. Why are you all so offended that this woman is honest, and having fun with her life?

Jan 20 10 - 3:37pm

@RKL I'm at Starbucks right now, failing the whole coffee avoidance thing. Damn.

Jan 20 10 - 3:44pm

When job security, loyalty, common sense, etiqutte, and AIDS mean nothing to you...see this vapid trollop's posts for a how-to on f'ing up your (and that special someon's) life. Human hearts don't work this way. Who the Hell posts all these inane details along w/ incredibly self-destructive tweets just waiting to betray them as the flavor-of-the-we(a)ek children that masquerade as adults? This isn't "brave" or "secure" by any means. Perhaps liberating...guilt is a funny thing, especially when you fuck over otherwise credible suitors and tarnish the name of your employer. This is to say nothing of that biohazard she calls her blood...that will undoubtedly become some poor soul's too one drunken night.

Jan 20 10 - 4:39pm

I found this piece entertaining. This girl is obviously deciding to showcase one minute aspect of her life that is very one-dimensional and probably not indicative of her entire life. Those that are making disparaging comments about her person based on this article alone should probably turn off the computer and go out and get a life, cuz this girl seems like she is.

Jan 20 10 - 7:12pm

@ JT - chillax dude! It's entertainment. She mentions she hadn't had sex FOR A YEAR before she started sleeping with a guy she likes. And that's beside the point: if a guy were writing this, people would not be so up-in-arms. It's just a fun look at one aspect of her probably very happy life.

Jan 20 10 - 8:11pm

Anyone who shows no remorse or second thought about having sex in public and thus subjecting others to her sexual escapades is cavalier. Anyone with so little respect for job security and the legal situation of her employer that she lets co-workers 'thumb' her and encourages them to jack off to her facebook pics is cavalier. Anyone who admits that she desires intimacy with a potential lover and then flaunts herself all over town like a public bicycle has a cavalier attitude toward her own desire. I would point out that all of this could be discovered by simply consulting a dictionary. you would see that 'cavalier' simply means "offhand or unceremonious".

Jan 21 10 - 12:12am

I understand not wanting to live your life like this, but I don't understand the anger some people have towards her! So her lifestyle isn't for you, so what? No one is forcing you to go out and have crazy sex, and she isn't hurting anyone (everything she did was consensual), so why does it make some people so ANGRY? I'm not in the habit of getting eaten out in public, but I still thought this was very entertaining. Everyone needs to calm down.

Jan 21 10 - 12:59am

I love this woman. She sounds amazing, fun, and damn sexxxy.

Jan 21 10 - 1:00pm

I guess the thought is that her actions in fact do have a wider impact. She contributes to the culture and so helps to normalize profligate behavior. It is hard to believe that she has much self-respect or respect for others and such things will impact those she partners with and, perhaps, one day her children. Finally she seems focused on her genitals to the exclusion of anything deeper or larger than herself and, frankly, I hope for a better culture.
To see how it impacts others ponder the following for a moment, do you think the over-dramatic and over-sexed depictions of gays have any impact on their struggle for civil rights or the way that recently 'out' gay guys for perceptions of their brethren? If you answered 'yes' you see that this kind of behavior touches others and rightly angers them even if it doesn't 'hurt' them on a very narrow conception of 'hurt'.

Jan 21 10 - 2:06am

God, I hope she uses a condom. She sounds like a huge sex addict and exhibitionist. I don't know her personally but from what it sounds like Im sure she's having "fun" in face value but really living in a world of shame. There are plenty of women who are comfortable with their sexuality and are safe about it and she does not sound like one of them.

Jan 21 10 - 2:13am

You know we don't know if she's not hurting anyone. As promiscuous she makes her self out to be she could have an STD and that isn't good for anyone.

Jan 21 10 - 2:19am

So what exactly is different about what Koo does and what, say, Snooki does on Jersey Shore? If they are both shallow, drunk and whorish why is it ok to hate on one and not the other?

Jan 21 10 - 2:09pm

I don't understand why anyone is judging this woman when you know nothing about her! She sounds like an interesting, sexy, confident woman who is just trekking HER way through life. Nothing wrong with that! We ALL go our own way through life and who is anyone to judge?? She's not hurting anyone. As far as slut goes...are you kidding me?? Woman could get laid every night of the week if we wanted to. It's not like she's out getting laid by random men all the time--she took a whole year off from sex she said! There are some judgmental people out there! Perhaps YOU judgmental people need to get laid!!

Jan 21 10 - 3:05pm

Seriously.. in the last year she's had sex with Mr.Words, made out with a gay Cuban, and gotten finger banged by Brit. In what universe does this make her a slut? I swear to god, it's so depressing reading the comments here sometimes.

Jan 21 10 - 3:36pm

I find it interesting how each of our preferences are exposed in this thread. People that prefer monogamy and have strict boundaries for sexual encounters reveal that in their aggressively negative comments. People with a more fluid philosophy to sexual encounters and partnerships enjoy her commentary and defend her way of life. Koo's preferences make some people uncomfortable, but also act as a positive reality check for people with similar performances that feel the weight of imposed shame and judgment. As my comment has already revealed, I support her and people like her that have consensual sex in a variety of contexts.

Jan 21 10 - 3:54pm

It's not the active sex life that is the problem. It's her life, so be it. When you fuck other ppl though and you retain that vapid, island-of-yourself mentality, then I find ire w/ it. Egocentricism, needless drama, and scary bloodwork is my prediction...let alone a likely mystery paternity test.
It's taking liberties w/ the trust of others. Establish your f'ing intentions beforehand and dodge this bullet altogether. Best foot forward when dating/being intimate w/ others means less tripping later. "No accountability" is the mantra for her demographic (irresponsible, callous, sexually active [fe]males). Why would her mom be so concerned (her folks likely know her better than you)? Why does she feel so awkward w/ actual gentility (Mr. Word)? Perhaps it is because he's the 1 guy in a sea of d-bag opportunists (ahem, pen + company ink, random strangers, etc) that has shown a modicum of decency (yes, you can be a fuck machine w/ your lover & a gentleman/lady ppl) amidst a myriad of mystery ppl (that she is intimate with). Product of her environment. She doesn't know how to react properly w/ an honest John Doe given the glut of "others". I doubt he would be so enamored of this girl, as to name her a woman would be in error, if he was privvy to her secret lifestyle (and TWITter'ing about it, really?). You know, the one that's secretly his by default now. She owes it to him (and likely a handful of others) to debrief him of her hazmat life style so as not to fuck his, and all his future date's/lover's too.

Jan 21 10 - 8:18pm

You don't understand KR. If you describe something KR likes as bad, you are aggressively negative. But if s/he describes something you think as bad as positive, s/he is simply open-minded and non-judgmental. Enlightened even! What is not to understand?

Jan 22 10 - 9:33am

also, if you look at her actual tweets (@avatarkoo), you'll see there's MUCH more going on than just the stuff here (though you'll have to scroll pretty far back to get to the tweets above). this is clearly an edited excerpt.

Jan 22 10 - 4:08pm

She is still a Korean Snooki!

Jan 25 10 - 1:45am

I know Avatar and only wish I knew how sexy she was back then, I'd hookup in secvonds with her. She is a wonderful, smart woman who can write her dreams in a way to bring out the heat in us. Love you!

Jan 25 10 - 9:35am

Quit all the judging, ppl. I bed you wouldn't like to be judged in this way.

I found these tweets entertaining and endearing.

Jan 26 10 - 2:22pm

Odd change of events there from not having "sex of any kind" for over a year to this other stuff. Such is the problem of repressing feelings, it's tough not to overshoot on your way back to normal. God knows I haven't done anything like this, but I can see how it could happen. It'd be a bit different, me being a guy, but still, I now myself well enough to know my weaknesses.

Jan 26 10 - 5:02pm

I would love to see what this entire thread would look like if no one was allowed to use the word "slut." It's subjective, not descriptive. This chick is totally transparent and accountable, I don't see a single tweet that expresses remorse or negative consequence, she sounds like she enjoys strong long-term friendships and loves her body and sexuality. How refreshing.

Jan 26 10 - 8:21pm

"Ugh, what is my problem?" that sounds like a tweet expressing remorse or a negative consequence to me. not to you?

Jan 26 10 - 11:31pm

She says "ugh, what is my problem" and later "why am I not" in the context of holding back with men--I mean remorse for going for men. ;)