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Turkish Durex Ad Shows the Perfect Way to Get Over a Break Up

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Googly-eyes not included. 

Not since the Funny or Die gold that was 'Go F*ck Yourself with Dave Franco' has there been such a perfectly toned and oddly accurate depiction of a break up and a (possible) aftermath. 

In this Durex ad, after a devastating blow to his heart, soul, and what can be safely assumed, penis, the protagonist of the iconoclastic tale for the ages does what any self-respecting man would do: He dates his hand. Living it up in a way that's only possible during a rebound, the gentleman and his lady-hand are a delightful (if odd) reminder of how great love can be. 

Sad (at the very least there is some conflicting emotion here) to say, things could never last between the man and his hand. This is, after all, a condom ad and excessive hand love would essentially put them out of business. Watch the video below to find out how this modern love tale ends. And remember, whether it's your hand or someone else's, always wear a pair of gloves. 

[h/t Hypervocal]