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Turn Your Sexts Into Performance Art with the “Send Me Your Sext” Service

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You never realized you were creating high art at 3 a.m.

If you’ve ever wanted to memorialize your ever-artful 3 a.m. “I want yr cum,” texts, there’s now a service for that. You can have your sexts come to life thanks to filmmaker Eileen Yaghoobian, who has developed a new sext-to-film service Send Me Your Sext. Your raunchiest, most depraved exchanges will be performed by actors in a high quality short film that will live on in the annals of YouTube for ages of future embarrassment.

According to her website, she’s an artist who is, “convinced that your dirty messages should be my next script.” And, for a fee of 80 dollars per every short film, you can satisfy your deepest megalomaniacal tendencies on a budget.

The first brave souls to upload the screenshots of their sexts onto Eileen’s site were none other than star-crossed sexters, “Dylan & Kacey.” The resulting short film (NSFW), which features epic car sex, is dramatic, hilarious, and oddly meta. Filthy, typoed dispatches never seemed so masterful. –Dylan & Kacey, May 2013 from Send Me Your Sexts on Vimeo.

Image via Veer.