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Uterus Man Is the Superhero Inside Us All (Well, Inside Some of Us)

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From the mind of Taiwanese animator Lu Chang.

Prepare to see the female reproductive system in an entirely new light, thanks to artist Lu Yang. Conceived (pun intended) upon an impressively detailed understanding of the human anatomy, Uterus Man is probably the strangest superhero I've ever seen. When this anthropomorphized womb doesn't feel like flying via a jet stream of blood, his vehicles of choice are a motorized "pelvis chariot" and a "sanitary pad skateboard."

All hail the uterus and its very real superpowers, not least of which is (as Uterus Man would put it) "summoning the baby weapon." The animation is NSFW — footage of real human insides is contained therein — and kind of disturbing.

[h/t RocketNews24]