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A Vibrating Bike Seat Is Just Asking For Trouble

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Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Vibrators are great and you'll find no judgment from me on what kind you prefer, but for your safety, please don't use the Happy Ride vibrating bicycle seat while in motion. Some objects just shouldn't be vibrators for safety or health reasons. Passion Fruit, a South African retailer of sex toys and other goodies, boasts that their latest item is, "just in time for one of the country's biggest cycling events." Exercise is very important, but last time I checked having an orgasm while you roll through traffic isn't a good idea!

And this isn't the only everyday product that has a vibrator where there really doesn't need to be one. You can buy Dilettos, with a dildo on the bottom of our shoes. There's also a vibrating makeup brush, in case you really want to blush down there. Aside from the fact that makeup brushes attract dirt, dust, and bacteria do we really need to put a genital pleasure product in every sort of household object? Aren't we adult enough that our vibrators can just be, you know, vibrators? Let's hope in the future the most creative the designers get is a brand new magic wand.

Images via FlickrPassion Fruit.