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Watch this Hilarious Video of 20 Dudes Getting Their Junk Waxed

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Raising awarenemes for testicular cancer the hard way.

Anybody can put their #cockinasock and post a photo to Instagram, but what would you do if challenged to wax your balls to raise awareness for testicular cancer? That's exactly what happened when BBDO Toronto asked 20 gents to participate in the "Not-The-Sac Wax" ad to benefit Testicular Cancer Canada. The best part  – they filmed the whole thing, complete with red-faced, terrifyingly hilarious shouts of pain.

Design Taxi reports that testicular cancer occurs most frequently in men aged 15 to 29, so getting tested while you're young could prevent burning pain (way worse than any hot wax) in your future. The company cited that most younger dudes aren't really thinking about cancer and this was a light-hearted way to get their minds stirring about what could be going on below the belt. 

Watch the hilarious video below.