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The True Love Tester Bra Will Only Open for Men You Are Really Hot For

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And possibly a bunch of other stuff.

It's 8:15 a.m. Your train comes at 8:20. Rushing down the platform, you dodge last night's vomit, a kid picking his nose, and that loose tile someone always trips on. You're gonna make it. Your heart is racing! And then – your bra pops open? 

In a fantastic and much needed maneuver, Japanese designer and apparent women defender Ravijour has developed a bra that will only, repeat only, unhook if the wearer is in love. Using a built-in heart rate tracking device, The True Love Tester compares user data from more typical events (like eating spicy food and shopping) to events that really get your heart going like love. Studying your heart activity, the bra opens accordingly, supposedly when you're faced with someone who is deserving of unhooking your bra.

While this new tech will forever save worthy men from the pain of not being able to open a potential lovely's brasserie one-handed, under-the-shirt, and blindfolded, there might be a few hiccups, most notably the one mentioned above: love isn't the only thing that will get your ticker ticking like crazy.

Here are some examples of a racing heart and whether your bra will remain closed or open like Sharon Stone's legs in Basic Instinct

  • Closed: Watching Law and Order
  • Open: Watching Law and Order: SVU
  • Closed: Opening a letter
  • Open: Opening a letter from the IRS
  • Closed: Eating spicy food
  • Open: Eating spicy food someone else paid for
  • Closed: Going to dinner with your boyfriend
  • Open: Going to dinner with your boyfriend and his parents
  • Closed: Looking through your Tumblr feed
  • Open: Looking through your Tumblr feed at work

That said, the sample video does show the bra withstanding some serious perv pressure, which is a plus. Unfortunately, the women featured are still being harassed. But at least they have their bra on? I I think that's where we're landing with this. Harassment, meh. Bras off, unacceptable. 

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