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What Did You Do Last Night?: “I saw Rock of Ages and now I want to quit my job and start a band.”

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Nerve users have seen a million faces, and they've rocked them all. 


We’re sure all you legendary members of Nerve Dating tire of us plebeians constantly singing your praises, but we can’t help ourselves. We find the tales of the mountains you’ve scaled, the oceans you’ve swam, and the episodes of Sherlock you’ve marathoned on Netflix endlessly fascinating, and we think it selfish not share them with the rest of the world. Every time you log in to Nerve, you're asked "What did you do last night?" Here are some of our favorite answers this week.


Messiest Show Since Woodstock '94 Award

• "Played a benefit show with my band. Gave the audience a musical orgasm to remember for the rest of their lives."


Dear God, Don’t Let Them See Magic Mike Award

• “Watched Rock of Ages. Now I want to quit my job and start a band, just like when I watched 300 and wanted to be a Spartan.”


Everyone’s a Critic Award

• "Saw Snow White and the Huntsman. Charlize Theron was flawless, as always, and Kristen Stewart alternated between biting her lip and panting heavily, as always."

• "Watched part of Wrath of the Titans. 15 minutes of my life I'm never getting back."


Fish is Practically a Vegetable, Right? Award

• “Went to Bodard Chateau, 'cause otherwise I might have fallen short on my daily requirement for fish sauce.”

• “Birthday today. Sushi and scotch in my tummy!”


Unfortunately Misplaced Their Copy of Boys Don’t Cry on Vinyl Award

• "Listening to Sundowner. Chris McCaughan is serenading me in my darkened bedroom."

• "Cried in the shower while blasting "Dog Days are Over" after smoking some hash."


Premiering This Fall After 2 Broke Girls Award

• "I trained my chimpanzee butler."


Best Pickup Line in the Entire World Award

• "Let's sit on my terrace on a torrid summer night, sip some rose, watch the sun set and talk over our day, maybe solve some world problems."

Lemons out of Lemonade Award

• "I got called "The Devil." That's right. THE Devil. Pretty high praise for one so meager as myself."


Keep on keepin' on, Nervers. There's a whole diem out there to carpe, and you're the ones to do it. Meanwhile, if you're looking for someone to sit on a terrace with and solve world problems, you'll probably end up meeting them on Nerve.