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What Did You Do Last Night?: “Rollerbladed down Broadway at 3 am.”

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Nerve readers are too extreme for their own good. 

Bravo, sirs and madams. You magnificent bastards did it again. Another week has gone by, be-livened by the near-superhuman achievements of Nerve Social members. We're just lucky you took time out of your busy schedules to tell us what you've been up to. Every time you log in to Nerve, you're asked "What did you do last night?" Here are some of our favorite answers this week.

Gazing into Middle Distance and Pondering Award


• BooksNBikes, 57, M
"Idea from contribs section of an SF quarterly called Arc: how would you end a sentence starting 'In the future…'?"


• Leabee, 34, F
"Went to the Schiaparelli & Prada exhibit at the Met. Schiaparelli said, 'Many men admire strong women, but they do not love them.' Thoughts?"


• Tesalyse, 25, F
"Attended Boarding School Alumni Fiesta. Jaded twenty-somethings from every corner of the globe pretending we didn't sell out our youthful hippy ideals to make it big in the city."


Hemingway Would be Proud Award

• Audio, 51, M
"Motorcycles steak and the Cramps. Rode to Manhasset Bay on the Interceptor. Had a great steak for dinner. Went home and played Cramps albums with friends."


• sofiacatherine, 44, F
"Tried Krav Maga. I have been in Tae Kwon Do for several years, wanted to try something different."


• gcc, 28, M
"Just got back from SF. Worked a lot, hiked Marin headlands, had some mind-altering experiences. Back to the city; it tastes like whiskey."


Quintessentially New York Award

• Grant, 35, M
"5 Pointz in LIC. Giant graffiti murals that wrap around an industrial building. Amazing and super friendly artists. One of the best things I've seen in NY."


• sunnydaymoon, 30, F
"Doing Reiki course I and II this weekend. Prepare for the attunement…"


• ongface, 29, M
"Going to a birthday '80s costume dance party tonight. My costume: 'Heavy Metal Parking Lot.'"


• AtticusForrest, 23, M
"Rollerbladed down Broadway at 3 am."


• MattFoRill, 26, M
"Death Cab For Cutie. Every show is free when you drink in the parking lot."



Unexpectedly Profound Update Award

• johnnyandrew, 36, M
"Keep paranoid and listen to Black Sabbath."


• thatoldfeeling, 25,  F
"All I want out of life is to be able to watch endless videos of tiny pigs."


• RemainInLight, 44, M
"After the apocalypse, shoe repair men will be the knights at the round tables."