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What Did You Do Last Night?: “Thanks to the alcohol, we began to focus on Joyce’s perverted love letters.”

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It’s a scientifically proven fact that Nerve users are the single most interesting people on the planet. Maybe we don’t have the so-called "evidence" to back that up, but we do have a good gut feeling, so we know it must be true. Besides, you guys prove it every week by living life on the edge, to the max, without fear, and by whatever other inspiring ‘80s power ballad cliche you can think of to describe yourselves. Every time you log in to Nerve, you're asked "What did you do last night?" Here are some of our favorite answers this week.

So That’s What it Feels Like to be a Justin Bieber Fan Award
• "Attended X-Games. I was an infantile, hormonal, squeal-machine full of Red Bull again. Back to adulthood today."

There Are No Bad Ideas in Brainstorming Award
• "Working on ideas for animated family movies. Probably wrong of me to have There Will Be Blood on in the background."

Nerve Claims No Responsibility for Existential Quandaries Award
• "Remembered that I have a Nerve account. Then forgot who I was."

Ironic Had it Happened on the Way to Dinner Award
• "A bug flew in my mouth while I was biking home from dinner.

Coffee and Cigarettes Award
• "I think I bested my personal record of cc's of iced coffee ingested in a twelve-hour period."
• "I have officially worn out three different brands of electronic cigarettes."

Most Improved By Alcohol Award
• "Had our Ulysses discussion group. Thanks to the alcohol, the discussion began to focus on Joyce's perverted love letters."

Nerve Nightlife Award
• "Went old school with martinis at a dark, sexy piano bar in the city."
• "Woke up to find glow sticks in my purse. Need I say more?"
• "Went to a pow wow (an actual Indian one) and two birthday parties. The night ended on a porch at a stranger's home, happily chatting with ten other strangers, since the birthday girl passed out early."