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See the Man Who Was Born with Three Testicles

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Good things come in threes.

There are only 200 men in the history of the world quite like Reddit user called GardenofGandalf. Posting on the WTF subreddit for his 18th birthday, this special young man came out to the world as having three testicles with one jaw-dropping picture (NSFW, of course). Born with a rare condition known as polyorchidism, the good news is GardenofGandalf's tri-balls are asymptomatic and probably won't do him any harm for the remainder of his life.  He does have a favorite though — the right one.

Does having three balls make for a spectacularly bizarre sex life worthy of headlining Barnum and Bailey's three-ring circus? So far, not really. GardenofGandalf doesn't ejaculate especially more than other men and he claims that he's never had anybody suck his balls before. The filthier minds of Reddit are already praying for the blessed 18-year-old to star in a porn with the infamous man with two penises, so let's keep multiple fingers on multiple hands crossed. Like the Stooges, the little pigs, and the Hanson brothers before him, it would seem good things really do come in threes.

Image via Zack Hample.