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Study Finds Why Women Are Always Down for Round Two of Sex

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Vaginas are physically hotter than penises after orgasm.

If you've ever envied the look of the satisfied person lying next to you, their face glowing, complete with a delirious smile, ruffled hair, and heavy breathing, then at one point you've had the requisite curiosity, "I wish I knew what their orgasm felt like." But, unfortunately for us, we are not alien-like fungi that can simply body-snatch our sexual partners and, also sadly, that Oculus Rift gender swap experiment only goes so far. But, luckily, we have science to do the investigation into strangers' loins for us.

A study published in the Journal of Sex Research today by Laurel Paterson, Ellie Shuo Jin, Yitzchak Binik, and Rhonda Amsel, picked up where Masters and Johnson's orgasm research left off, probing into the reason why women are significantly more interested in round two than men. Women are much more likely to pursue sexual stimulation immediately following an orgasm, not because they're greedy orgasm bogarts trying to give you carpal tunnel, but because of how strong, hot, and memorable their orgasms are.

Participants in the study were asked to masturbate in both their home and lab settings (tough job). Their physiological and psychological arousal (including, oddly, their genital temperature) were measured throughout their frequent masturbation sessions. And, contrary to what some may assume, men and women experienced practically the same amount of orgasmic pleasure and satisfaction after a good wank, with men owning up to marginally more intensity, relaxation, and pleasure. (A study from the 1980s, which found men and women experience the same frequency, duration, and intensity of muscle contractions during orgasm, supports this "orgasms aren't different" theory.) 

Where masturbation habits diverged were in men's propensity towards porn, women's love for sex toys, and oh yes, the fact that women continue to stay riled up even after their pelvic muscles have wildly contracted, their toes had curled, and their partner was on their second cigarette drag. The researchers found that across the board, sexual arousal and desire decreased "more rapidly and profoundly" for men after sex than it did for women. As for women immediately after coming, their self-reported sexual arousal and their genital temperature remained elevated. Yep, vaginas are actually hotter than penises after climaxing. 

The study suggests that when women experienced the greatest orgasmic pleasure, though physically they were no longer sexually aroused, they still remained mentally turned on and sexually desirous. The researchers accredit this insatiable horniness to the fact that the memory of coming your brains out actually amps women up again instead of calming them down.  Big orgasms crave other big orgasms. Men, on the other hand, totally lose their ability to get a boner and so, over time, their brains have been trained to turn off the libido faucet after ejaculating. As Masters and Johnson taught us well, women don't have sexual refractory periods, so they're more likely to want to binge-cum, hunting for the next orgasm like it's the next Oreo in the sleeve.

While the study didn't clear up all of our questions about the gender difference of orgasms (I still want to do Oculus Rift gender swap, if anyone is interested), it did explain why your girlfriend is still tossing and turning five minutes after boning. It's not you, her loins are just on fire.

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