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Windows Phone Users Get More STDs Than Anyone Else

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Somewhat surprising, given that iPhone users have the most sex partners.

It turns out our phones might hold more information about our sex lives beyond those late-night sexts. UK-based online magazine The Kernel just published the results of a survey of 285 young, single, urban smartphone users between 18 and 25 years old and found Windows Phone users reported having almost twice as many STDs as iPhone or Android users in the past year.

Where iPhone, Android, and “Other” users (like BlackBerry owners) had between 0.44 and 0.49 STDs in the past year, Windows Phone users had 0.78 STDs. I’m not sure what a fraction of an STD looks like (you only discharge a little?) but I know I don’t want to get one.  

Of all smartphone platforms, iPhone owners reported the fewest number of STDs at 0.44, which is somewhat surprising given the fact that iPhone owners statistically have more sexual partners than Android and BlackBerry users.

So the next time you’re out, peek at what kind of phone your date is using—the tech world’s running joke about Windows Phone users being constantly plagued by viruses is getting a little too real.

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