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Lesbians Beware: Women Can Give HIV to Other Women

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Always remember the five fluid rule.

In a surprising study published this week by the CDC, it was found that HIV can be spread from woman to woman. While rare, it's been confirmed that a lesbian woman in Texas contracted virtually the same virus that her monogamous partner of six months had been already living with. This isn't the first woman to ever contract HIV after having sex with another positive woman, but in all of the other cases, the diagnosed women had recently had sex with a man, used an intravenous drug, got tattooed, or pierced — behavior that put them at risk outside of their lesbian relationships. 

The Texan couple reportedly said that they had swapped sex toys, practiced unprotected sex, sometimes had sex vigorous enough to cause them to bleed, and continued having sex through both of their periods. 

This news is a good reminder that just because we're not a part of certain groups, doesn't mean we're all invincible. In light of the study, the CDC now recommends all couples with one HIV-positive partner seek counseling for safer sex practices. Always keep the five bodily fluids rule — blood, semen, vaginal fluids, breast milk, pre cum — in the back of your head.

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