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Science Thinks Women Can Only Have Two Different Kinds of Orgasms

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I'm still waiting for that third level, to be honest.

Ladies, nobody can safely say how many kinds of orgasms you can have! According to Women's Health, girls can have four different kinds. An industrious blogger named Monica counts 11 different kinds of orgasms a lady can enjoy —including a rather dubious sounding "skin orgasm." Meanwhile feminist sex educator Annie Sprinkle claims there are 7 flavors of female orgasm, like dreamgasms and megagasms. And now, because science wants to murder us all with confusion, a new study is claiming that there are definitively two types of female orgasms. Two.

Most women either come from clitoral stimulation or from internal penetration of some kind, and for the lucky ones, both. And most ladies report that these two types of orgasms feel really different from one another. Like, paper vs. plastic different. Some scientists claim that these are actually the same kind of orgasm, because the clitoris is a large internal wishbone-like structure that's stimulated on both internal and external ends. To determine the truth, the study, published in PubMed, used sonography to visualize the movements of the clitorourethrovaginal complex (read: all of the lady genitals) during both clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration. 

The three "healthy" volunteers in the study were hooked up to the ultrasounds to study blood flow while they masturbated their external clitoris and then, separately, were vaginally penetrated with — I'm not kidding — a wet tampon. Now, the presence of a wet tampon is a bit perplexing here, unless wet tampons are one of those everyday things that end up being an unexpected turn on, kind of like a bumpy bus ride or Tim Curry's face. The crazy tampon study's results, however, were conclusive.

"The sagittal scans obtained during external stimulation and vaginal penetration demonstrated that the root of the clitoris is not involved with external clitoral stimulation. In contrast, during vaginal stimulation, because of the movements and displacements, the whole CUV complex and the clitoral roots in particular are involved, showing functional differences depending on the type of stimulation."

So there are two types of female orgasm, we guess. While this study purports that there are only two biological means with which women can climax, there are, as evidenced by G-spots, A-spots, and every other letter-spot under the sun, a whole lot of methods to get there and myriad ways to experience the little death. I'm fine with accepting that there are only two ways my clitoris can find satisfaction, but I'm still on that waiting list for that third level orgasm.

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