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Point: Having sex with a robot is going to be awesome!

I can’t wait to jump in a full body suit with a VR headset and ride off into a magical land of in/out like this guy in Japan.

Or maybe I can get this guy to make me another Scarlett Johansson that I can have sex with.

But what about the ladies? Well, I’m sure there’s enough hunky robot to go around as well someday.

They’re even teaching them to love:

Counterpoint: We should study the issue more.

A study of from Tuffs University looked at how people feel about robot sex. It seems men and women might have vastly different views of it. Women are already objectified in porn and sex with robots could continue a disastrous way many men are taught about sex. Women and the LGBTQ community should also have a voice in the design of sex robots…

Point: But they made a robot that twerks!


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